Dear Parents,
Gracias, merci, danke, grazie, ta and thank you in many other languages!
Thank you to all of the families who set up a table today in the auditorium and shared pieces of the cultures of over 20 countries. Food and drink, music, pictures, instruments, fabrics, and stories but most importantly smiles. Every class enjoyed the sights and sounds and smells and I was lucky enough to enjoy juice from purple corn, salami from Spain, a crepe and vegemite. This is the first time that we have done this and for that, we have our wonderful foreign language team to thank...Nuria Guitart, Julia Zaera Meade and Leda Zenian. What started as an idea inspired by our strategic plan became a reality with the determination and effort of these collaborators. Thank you ladies for a VERY successful, first Annual International Day!
Final reminder: ALICE overview for parents is Tuesday night in the auditorium. This session will give the parents a general overview of the new protocol that the archdiocesan schools will be using in place of lockdown and shelter in place. The teachers did some more training this afternoon as part of professional development and we will begin introducing the program to the children next week. We will have at least preliminary discussions with all of the children, with age appropriate language, by the end of February. As we implement the program further, more information will be sent home.
Along the lines of safety and security, please remember to lock cars and HIDE VALUABLES if you are parked at school. Unfortunately, there was a smash and grab, in a matter of minutes, for a CCPC parent across the street from the school this week. If you have a purse or another valuable, take it with you or hide it.
Chris Kelly 

 February 11-15 is a B week
for lunch duty.   
Hot lunch is $22.50 for the week.  
Click here to sign up for lunch duty.
  Click here to download the lunch menu.
Click here to order lunch online.

7th grade will be hosting a bake sale next Wednesday, February 13th to benefit the Armed Forces Retirement Home.
All items will be 50 cents.

Our annual Pennies for Patients campaign is in full swing!
Every penny counts.
Thank you.
Become a Benefactor and support the Sister Rose Tuition Assistance Fund, which helps Blessed Sacrament School families experiencing hardship with temporary financial aid so their children can continue to attend BSS. 100% of the Benefactor funds go to help BSS families in need. Thanks to the generosity of last year's Benefit Benefactors, the HSA was able to give $40,000 for tuition aid disbursement!


Gods - $500+
Tatiana Bernando & Ahlborn,  
Ashley & Jeremy Allen
Anna & Christopher Brown
Sarah & Bruce Cormier
Amy & Bob Dean
Elizabeth Drake 
Rickie Niceta & Thomas Lloyd
Lisa & David Madden
Beth & Brian Maloney
Ann & John McAllister
Lauren & Brody Mullins
Alex Walsh & Brendan O'Brien
Renee & Tyson Redpath
Tiffany & Dan Sanders
Shanti Stanton
Shay & Robert Thorne
Lisa & Rich White

Athletes - $250
Misty & Mark Belles
Nellie & Seth Benhard
Erin & David Burns
Deirdre & Brian Christin
Nancy & Jim Cleary
Laura & Brian Connolly
Lindsay & Patrick Conway
Susan & Richard DiMaio
Susan Murray & Chris Erceg
Maria Fisher & Charles Fendig
Elizabeth & John Funderburk
Barbara Noguera & Arthur Frye
Jeran & John Gimigliano
Angela & Joshua Grossfeld
Allyson & Jay Hauck
Eleanor & Matt Hopkins
Allison & Michael Jacobs 
Giulia & Philip Jaeger
Kate O'Scannlain & Matt       Johnson
Ashley & Brett Kavanaugh
Michelle Malloy & Chris Kelly
Meg & Thomas Knight
Natalie & RJ Laukitis
Jennifer & Barton Leonard
MaryAnn & Nick Luongo
Elena & Greg Lynett
Dora Rioja-Mazza & Joseph     Mazza 
Athena & Greg Meyers
Gillian & John Mullins
Cari & Mike O'Malley
Kathleen & Doug Pagliaro
Alicia Abell & Will Peppo
Julia & Ed Power
Mary & Sergio Santiviago
Mercedes Rubio & Nicholas     Saunders, Jr 
Mary & Joe Seidel
Diane & Chris Simal
Mary & Doug Skorny
Ashley & Bentley Storm
Mimi Burke & Thomas Jarrett
Spectators - $150
Ashley Wells & Henry Arango
Jillian Bastow & Richard Bangs 
Anne & Hunter Bennett
Andi & Clark Bottner
Gretchen & Michael Bukowski
Sarah & Brian Crawford
Sally & Jonathan Diffley
Mary Beth Donahue
Laura & Matthew Fetters
Courtney & Todd Fletcher
Keelin & Paul Gallagher
Karen & Robert Graves
Elaine & Cabral Hobson
Joanna & Phil Kerpen
Katie & Bob Krantz
Monica Murphy-Kumar &   Ramesh Kumar
Erin & John Larkin
Katie & John Leachman
Liza &  Andreas Lindenberg 
Amanda & John Loveland
Monica & John Mastal
Meg & Jimmy Molloy
Erin & Matt Ritz
Oriana & Jim Rodgers
Jen & Mike Rowan
Julie & Kevin Ryan
Tania & Walter Sechriest
Erin & John Sowanick
Ashley Wells

(Benefactor List as of Wednesday, February 6.)

Tickets to the auction sold separately.

T o Become a Benefactor, go to

There's still time to donate to the Kids Heart Challenge! The kids will be jump roping during their PE classes next week to raise money for the American Heart Association!
Log on to to help us reach our $6000 goal!

5-7th grade registrations are still available.  
Email to register.
Let the Games Begin!


Take advantage of the Family Discount!
$25 for the 1st book and $18 for each additional book.
A limited number of yearbooks will be printed, so reserve your copy before they sell out! 

Yearbooks will be distributed the last week of school.  

Click here to order your copy now!
- MARCH 9, 2019 -

Perfect Settings
- GOLD -
Circle Wine & Spirits   Ridgewells Catering 
John C. Grimberg Co.  
Chevy Chase Pediatric Dentistry    
Francis J. Collins Funeral Homes, Inc.
Steve & Ellen Conley

For more information, go to  or email

WEEK OF THE ARTS - MARCH 20-22, 2019

Parents, be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks.  A sign up genius will go out in mid-February for K-4.  Your grade level leaders this year are:
K - Celina Emery and Allyson Hauck
1st - Ashley Pehrson Storm
2nd - Stephanie Sarkis and Giulia Jaeger
3rd - Erin Larkin
4th - Dora and Joe Mazza

5th-8th graders participate in 2-day workshops.  More details to follow.

Any questions?  Please contact Yves Clark at


BSS is hosting a CYO 

Friday, April 5

Wine Excursion!

Sign up party coming Soon... 22 tickets only!

When? May 31st. 10am pick up, 3:00pm return. 

Transportation, picnic lunch, 2 wineries, & tastings included. Fun guaranteed.
Keep your eye out. Sign up for this will be live Feb 11.

To sign up visit


GOLD - Buy and donate a bottle before March 9 at Circle Wine & Spirits. Circle will hold the bottle at the store for collection by the  Wine  Cellar. Mention BSS at the register and your full purchase creates an additional donation. Circle has a list of suggestions for help in choosing great  wines .

SILVER - Drop off a bottle before March 9.  If you choose to donate a bottle you already have, you can drop it off in 2 places. Please tape a note with your family's name on the bottle to allow us to give you credit in the list of donors. Dropoff Locations:
    - Fendig House, 3803 Thornapple Street, Chevy Chase, MD 20815
    - Blessed Sacrament front desk  

BRONZE - Shop at Circle for yourself! Mention BSS at the register and your purchase creates a donation.

Bottle names and vintages will be listed in the auction materials.   Questions? Please contact Charles Fendig,, 703-298-5719.

Shop Amazon and Earn Money for BSS!

Don't forget to click on the Amazon logo on the homepage before you make your Amazon purchase. BSS gets a portion of the proceeds back!

A Message From Your  Home & School Association

Dear Parents,
Benefit, benefit, benefit, oh yeah, did I mention the benefit? 

The benefit is REALLY REALLY soon and the Home & School Association is excited for this big event. Here's a list of things you can do between now and March 9th to support our biggest fundraiser of the year:

1. Purchase a bottle of wine (or other alcoholic beverage) at Circle Liquor. Donate a bottle to our Wine Cellar and mention us at check out for an additional donation from Circle Liquor.

2. Become a benefactor! We need just $6,800 more to reach our $40,000 goal for the Sister Rose Tuition Assistance Fund. We raise that money through benefactors. Sign up today

3. Donate something to the benefit! Got tickets to a big event? Have a vacation home you are willing to lend out a week of? Have a group of friends that you want to put together a fabulous evening to be auctioned off? Reach out to We need you! 

4. Buy a ticket to the benefit! - duh! Ticket sales alone help support our cause. Buy yours today

Thank-you for all your help with this year's benefit. It's because of amazing and generous parents like you that BSS is the very special place that it is. 

Grace G. McNicholas 
Save the Date!
Pancakes and PJs is happening really, really soon! 
You're invited! 
You're an important part of the BSS fabric and we want to party with you! 
Come to the benefit, party with your old friends, make new friends, and support BSS!
Wrap Up of Last Week's Fundraisers: 

Last week was pretty quiet on the fundraising front. Check back next week for updates. In the meantime keep clipping Box Tops, and clicking on the Amazon logo on the website before you place any orders on Amazon. 
And here's what else is coming up in February:

2/13: Uniform Exchange, 7:45-8:30am
2/13: 7th Grade Sponsored Bake Sale
2/25: Bake Sale