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Winter 2016 Newsletter

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Connections & Solutions

Welcome to "Connections & Solutions" - a collection of insights and ideas designed to help owners who are faced with making critical decisions as they work through a business transition.
Whether those decisions involve strengthening the business to attract a strategic buyer, refining managements' roles and responsibilities to address new opportunities or simply stepping back to make way for the next generation of leaders, undergoing a transition can be a stressful time for a business and its owners.
Our mandate at Business Transition Alliance is to make owners' lives better by helping them transition their business successfully - financially and emotionally.
The thoughts presented here have been contributed by our partners and associates. We share them in order that business owners can make better-informed decisions as they transition their business.


Lonely At The Top

For over 15 years I worked alongside my father, running our family import distribution business.

Those where the best years - I always 
had someone to talk to who could
provide an unbiased educated opinion
of any business issues that materialized.

Unfortunately that changed the day he retired. 

Darryl Fisch is a co-founder of the Business Transition Alliance. He owned and operated an import distribution business, which he transitioned out of after 23 years. 


Comfort Closes Deals

Add Value by Going Beyond Basic Book Keeping 

Unless you are planning to transition your business to a family member who is already very well acquainted with your financials, a prospective buyer will likely insist on conducting due diligence before transfer of control.

In a nutshell, due diligence is a process for the potential new owner to determine the level of risk they are taking on with your business. 

Victor Barsoum is an M&A advisor and business intermediary with Sunbelt Brokers Premium. 

So you've sold your business. 
What's on your mind now? 

12 Questions Retiring Business 
 Owners Ask

1. What's my purpose now?
"I've always known what's next; now I'm not sure."
2. What about my health?
"Health matters more today than it ever has, mine and those I love."
3. Who's there for me?
"I have lots of acquaintances but not many real friends."
4. How can I help out?
"I've got talents, resources and time to give to something or someone."
5. Will anyone remember me?"
"I'd like to leave a fingerprint on my world that someone will notice."

Corey Olynik is a principal with NAVIOND International, an organization that brings former business owners together to "navigate life after business and beyond".





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