Exhale Gamification

Exhale Gamification dubbed “Sharp eyez”, was launched in March and proved to be a resounding success with a reach of over 400k. Its conclusion in May saw 9 winners being selected from potential travelers who took up the challenge of our fun trivia game that tested their knowledge of the Jewel. Utilizing a quiz platform, players were asked to locate hidden numbers within iconic Belizean images and will be awarded prizes such as hiking backpacks, stand up paddleboards, and a grand sweepstakes prize of an Eco tour in destination.
Bestie in Belize

Belize held a Radio 4- day vaccination promo with New York Z100 (WHTZ-FM), where vaccinated Americans entered a sweepstake to win a vacation to Belize. Participating properties were Sirenian Bay Resort and Villas of Placencia, Matachica Resort and Spa, San Pedro & GAIA Riverlodge, Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo. Promo concluded with the following achievements: 

  • (180) :30 second live and pre-recorded on-air announcements on NY Z100 and on the iHeart Radio App
  • (70) :10 second announcements on NY Z100
  •  Website exposure with logo inclusion on the front page of Z100.com
  • Logo, link, copy and video inclusion on custom landing page
  • (21) social posts, including tagging location and push to landing page

Top Stories

With the objective of promoting the destination, the Honorable Minister of Tourism and Diaspora Relations, embarked on a series of interviews with key consumer and trade outlets resulting in the following coverage:

 USA - Belize Linking Tourism Growth to Distinctive Cultural Treasures Travel Pulse – see HERE
USA - What’s Fueling Belize’s Hotel Boom Caribbean Journal Invest – see HERE
Canada - Belize’s tourism minister provides an inside look at the destinationTravel Courier – see HERE
Canada - Belize, with low COVID numbers, is “safe and ready,” Tourism Minister Anthony Mahler tells PAX – Pax News – see HERE

Here are a few of our top international earned media placements May 2021:

Belize Waives Travel App Requirement Travel Pulse – see HERE
Travel Changes For Those Who Are Fully Vaccinated” – Forbes – see HERE
15 Countries Where Travelers Can Skip Tricky Entry Rules – Insider – see HERE
Vaccinations Enabling Vacations in the Caribbean – Insider – see HERE

Which Countries Accept Vaccine Passport – The Daily Telegraph – see HERE
Vaccinated travellers do not require PCR test – Whatslooking– see HERE
Border opening 31st May – traveller - see HERE
5 cheapest islands in the world for living – GQ - see HERE

Belize – Beauty warmth and peace! Checkout these amazing resorts! – MTL Times— see HERE
Downloading health app no longer required for travellers, says Belize – Travel Week — see HERE
Beautiful Belize, not your average vacation getaway” – Travel Pulse— see HERE
International Travel Segment Broadcast – CBC Radio — see HERE

South America
5 islands for a romantic honeymoon – Vogue Noivas Online — see HERE
Towards the post-pandemic. Vaccines, the passport to travel in the new world – La Nacion — see HERE
The 10 main attractions in Belize – Gasteicom Viagem — see HERE

Belize prepares for the reopening of cruise – Travel 2 Latam— see HERE
Belize removes Health App – Reporte Lobby — see HERE
Belize land border will reopen to foreign tourists on May 31 – Report News — see HERE
Ministerial Destination Visits

In May, the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Anthony Mahler, continued his Ministerial Destination visits with Informative and engaging sessions with over 25 stakeholders in Corozal. During this visit, the Minister and his team also visited Santa Rita Archaeological Site, and the Cerros Maya Archaeological Reserve. 
Virtual Updates

In May, the industry participated in presentations with our Canadian Agency DCI, and learned of all achievements to date, and future plans to market the destination in Canada. With their media tactics, digital strategy and travel trade engagements, significant results were yielded.
If you missed this presentation here is a recording.
Belizean Traveller
In May, BTB officially launched it’s annual local campaign “Belizean Traveller”. This year’s  campaign will be a year- long effort, with a focus on an influencer program that incorporates popular media personalities and social influencers.
  • Captain Cadle. A fierce entertainer using humorous videos based on trending events in Belize. 
  • Chef Sean Kuylen: Top Belizean Chef well known for his culinary skills 
  • Benjamin Flowers. A passionate journalist working for BREAKING NEWS 
  • Duane Moody. A captivating media personality at Channel 5 
  • Thamar Jones. An inspiring media personality at Love News
 In addition, the deals website, belizebooking.com, will also play a pertinent role for stakeholders to offer affordable rates. Our Facebook page will also host content, polls, trivia competition, and Take Overs with our Influencers.

We encourage you to join the Belizean Traveller campaign and promote your ‘Belizean’ rates and packages on www.Belizebooking.com.   
View instructions here and video tutorial here
Congratulations to all our industry partners who have achieved Gold Standard certification and have aligned their operations with the program thus providing guests with a safe experience while in Belize!

 638 properties and 270+ tour operators
45 tourism sites, transportation providers, gift shops and restaurants
Keeping Belize salient in the minds of the international travel trade and developing strong relationships with the trade is pertinent. BTB, in collaboration with their marketing agencies, engaged the trade on the Belize product through virtual events and digital platforms during the month of May and accomplished the following:
North America

 Collaboration with BHA for Shop Belize Virtual Road Show
Digital Campaign: Travel Agent Appreciation Message from our Minister of Tourism & Industry Relations
Digital Campaign: Entry Requirement e-Blast
Baxter Media- Travel Advisor Appreciation Virtual Trade Show

Virtual Sales Outreach/Finn Partners: TO's in UK Germany & France
Digital Campaign/Finn Partners: Monthly Newsletter to UK Trade
South America

Virtual Sales Outreach/Madre: Brazilian, Peruvian and Uruguayan Tour Ops., Copa Airlines
Digital Trade e-blast: Vaccine Tourism - Turismo de Vacina
Virtual Trade Show: Mercatur

Presentation with FYT Viajes (Top Mexican Tour Operator)
Here are a few posts from our Social Media platforms:
Share & Earn

What’s new in your neck of the woods - a tour, new cooking class at your property, an expansion? If you are Gold Standard ,  let us know at industryrelations@belizetourismboard.org and we’ll share your good news with our international media and trade partners to earn coverage for you. 

Here is some coverage earned by Chaa Creek on their vaccination drive with Drift Travel Magazine a Canadian travel publication. This outlet also has an international audience and serves as an inspirational resource for travel lovers globally. The publication’s mantra is “travel often, live well” and prides itself on sharing meaningful and useful stories with its global audience. The article proved to be a very comprehensive media placement as it includes Chaa Creek Lodge photos, direct links driving back to the website, and includes a quote by Ms Lucy. This earned media placement garnered 4M impressions. 

We also encourage you to join Chaa Creek and advocate for 100% vaccinations of your employees. This will aid our efforts in boosting the confidence of travelers that Belize is safe to visit.
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 Belize Travel Advisors & Friends is a private Facebook Group where Travel Advisors can interact with Belize Suppliers. Learn about the positive things happening in Belize amidst the pandemic and share personal experiences about Belize. Be sociable and share with other Advisors.
In our next edition: Vaccination Campaign Drive