TEN THOUSAND SPARROWS:  This summer, we will also be conducting a special "Ten Thousand Sparrows" training, in which participants will
perform 10,000 repetitions of the "Grasp Sparrows Tail" sequence (Peng Lu Ji An)--the cardinal Four Powers routine found in all styles of Tai Chi--over
the course of one month. This "old hand" training regime produces huge upgrades to all aspects of your Tai Chi practice.  Limited to 12. Minimum requirement: one year of Tai Chi and familiarity with Peng Lu Ji An.
  Sunday July 29 1230-2pm: First meeting and First 500.
  Saturday August 11: 1230-2pm Half Way Point Meeting.
  Sunday August 26: 1030am-Noon: Last 500, Celebration!
See the Workshops page on the BTC website for Bootcamps and Sparrows program details, pricing, and registration. 

Summer is the perfect time to introduce friends and family to Tai Chi. We are once again offering a free first class to our "A Taste Of Tai Chi" program--1-class cards are available at the school, be sure to pick some up and give them to anyone you know who might benefit from a taste. A full 3-class trial is also available for just 29 bucks. "A Taste Of" classes run 3 times each week, through the summer. Share the gift of Tai Chi with those you care about.
BTC membership is a great deal--$200 gets a full year of discounts on classes, workshops, and products. Plus a great BTC25 T-Shirt! Discounts can amount to twice the price of membership if you take 2 twice-weekly classes and 1 workshop over the year. Thus summer, we are offering a great Membership Special: Buy one year's Membership between July 22 and August 15, and receive an extra month free! (All memberships will start from the day of purchase.). See website to sign up and start saving!
"Move as you did before the corruption of civilized human movement"
                                                                                             --Willem De Thouars
Brookline Tai Chi was honored to host a workshop on July 8th with Willem De Thouars, 82 year old Grandmaster of Kuntao-Silat, a Chinese/Indonesian art rooted in the movements and energies of animals and the natural world, as well as in multiple traditional Asian internal and external martial arts. The three photos above show "Uncle Bill"'s natural expressions of Yin, Yang, and (blended) Tai Chi. Look carefully. This is what mastery looks like. 
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dedicated to movement, balance and wellness. 
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