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March/April 2018                                                             Volume 14 Issue 2
  Director's Letter
If you have been following the BTER Foundation's announcements, postings and mailings, then you are probably aware of the lectures, workshops, and conferences that we teach.  In fact, one such lecture - pediatric grand rounds at Children's Mercy Kansas City - was even recorded and posted on the medical center's medical education website, as described elsewhere in this issue. Like many other conferences that host our lectures and workshops, conference organizers offer participants the opportunity to receive continuing medical education (CME) medical and/or nursing credits.  Over the years, we have had good attendance at our own conferences, but we have not always been able to offer CME.  This we would like to change.

Most BeTER LeTTER subscribers, and even Foundation members, may not be aware of the fact that the BTER Foundation is preparing to provide continuing medical education (CME) credits for our own conferences.  Once this is achieved, we will likely see greater attendance by those who must prioritize their time and attendance to those meetings that provide such evidence of educational quality. If you would like to teach a biotherapy session at one of our future courses, let us know and we will keep you informed about the process.

Another news item in the "education department" is that we are jump-starting the Biotherapy Competency committee, which floundered for the past couple years as we searched for a new director.

The committee's mission is to recommend the minimum knowledge base, and to outline the acquired skills, presumably necessary to achieve competency as a biotherapist. The committee's recommendations will be released for public comment, and a finalized version will subsequently be published as a position statement. In this way, each biotherapist will be able to assess their own skills and training, in the context of the community's recommendations.  In addition, the general public will have some guidance to assist them in evaluating and selecting a therapist.

The first and only biotherapy scheduled to be tackled under in this initiative is maggot therapy, with an expected project completion date of March, 2019.

If you are on the MDT Competency Committee and have not already been notified, you will be contacted shortly. If you are not on the committee but would like to participate in this initiative, contact us so that we can send you more information.

We welcome your input, always, because YOU make us BeTER!

With best wishes, always,
R Sherman (signature)  
Ron Sherman

Biotherapy Around the World
Children_s Mercy Hospital_ Kansas City

Free Online MDT Lecture
Time's almost up to view (for free!) Dr. Ronald Sherman's recent lecture "Maggot Therapy in Pediatrics - A glorious Past, A Promising Future." By March 25 , register for the ACME-accredited site, then choose the Biotherapy category to select the lecture: 


Survey Research for "DIY" FMT
If you've done a DIY FMT (fecal microbiota transplant) on yourself or someone else, please take this survey for a joint research project by The Fecal Transplant Foundation, The Peggy Lillis Memorial Foundation, and researcher/gastroenterologist extraordinaire Dr. Colleen Kelly.

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Biotherapy Facebook Live! BiotherapyFacebookLive
We have been thrilled with the guest lecturers on our Biotherapy Facebook Live program, and are in the process of updating our technology in order to present a more professional, seamless webinar.  We are on a temporary hiatus from our Biotherapy Facebook Live program until our technology updates are complete, and look forward to sharing more exclusive biotherapy content with our viewers at that time.
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