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March 2016                                                                    Volume 12 Issue 3
  Director's Letter
Here in California, Spring began in February! This month, March, the rest of the northern Hemisphere is entering, or preparing to enter, the Spring Season as well. Spring is the season of re-birth, growth, and blossoming.

This is Springtime for the BTER Foundation, as well.  Volume 2 of the Biotherapy Journal Review will be issued this month. Our "Biotherapy Biography" series is maturing this month with the story of a former intern, now fully employed in the Maggot Therapy industry. Our leech therapy research program has just wrapped up its laboratory phase, and is now preparing for clinical studies. New classes and workshops are in production. These are just a few of the examples of the Foundation's growth, maturation, and flowering.

You too can be part of the energy - the fuel - behind this flowering. You can make Springtime last by recommending people to feature in our Biography series, by suggesting or submitting published papers for our Journal Review, by volunteering your services, or by just renewing your membership.

The BTER Foundation's Springtime is possible through your support and the support of others. May it always be Springtime at the BTER Foundation. 
R Sherman (signature)
Ron Sherman
Biotherapy Biography: Marina Moskaleva

Editor's Note - Ms. Moskaleva was a volunteer worker ("intern") in the Medical Maggot Lab at the University of California, Irvine, as a high school student, during the early days of the BTER Foundation]

I was born in Moscow, Russia and moved to California with my family in 1998 when I was 11. As a result I became bilingual, fluent in both Russian and English. After graduating from high school I got accepted and went to University of California Riverside to initially study Biological Sciences but in my third year I switched and got a Bachelors of Science in Entomology. After graduation I got a job offer at Monarch Labs and am currently working where doing what I really like, raising insects, in this case flies that provide the maggots used in medical treatments. I actually volunteered and later worked for Dr. Sherman while still in high school when he was at University of California Irvine, which sparked my interest in studying biological sciences (before I found out about Entomology). I also enjoy reading, learning about various cultures, photography and video editing (though I'm still an amateur), visiting various natural parks such as Sequoia Park, taking walks and dancing. I'm currently attending a Hip Hop class at Irvine Valley Community College  and had previously taken WordPress web design and Ballroom dancing classes at the same college.   Learn more about Internships at the BTER Foundation

Looking for Leech Supplies or a Biotherapist?
Are you looking for leech supplies?  The BTER Foundation has been working closely with Monarch Labs to advance leech therapy, and we are now selling off excess supplies.  You can find them on our Products Page  here.

Looking for leech therapists? Maggot therapists? Check out our biotherapist Referral pages. Are you a biotherapist? Then contact us for your free listing in our Referral pages.

Note:  You must register on the BTER Foundation Website in order to gain access to these pages. You do not have to be a paid member, but site registration helps ensure that the therapists who voluntarily list their contact information are not exposed to abuse by webcrawlers and other data collectors.
  2016 Biotherapy Conferences
 * denotes BTER Foundation Presence
** denotes BTER Foundation Lecture by Dr. Ron Sherman

** April 8-9;  Eastern Idaho Wound Care Conference; Idaho Falls, ID, USA
               Europe ; London, UK
** August 31-September 1;  Wild on Wounds Conference ;
              Las Vegas, NV, USA
  * September 26-28;  SAWC Fall; Las Vegas, NV, USA
     October 3-4;  4th Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum 
               USA ;  San Diego, CA, USA 
              Atlanta, GA, USA
Biotherapy Around the World
Fecal Biotherapy for Inflammatory
Bowel Disease
This article examines both the
challenges and rewards of utilizing fecal biotherapy to treat IBD and other conditions marked by unhealthy gut systems.  
Read the article here
9th Annual Medical Device and Diagnostics Statistical Issues Workshop -  May 3-4, 2016
Arlington, VA (co-sponsored by FDA)
Though not strictly biotherapy, this workshop may be of interest for those in regulatory affairs, and others interested in bringing biotherapy products to market.
Be a Mentor for BTER Internship Program!
This year we will be expanding our highly successful Internship training program. We have successfully placed interns into positions of biotech research, regulatory compliance, administration, communication, and videography. However, we are in need of more clinical mentors. If you would be willing to allow a trainee to spend a day, a week, or a month in your facility, please contact us at
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