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Holiday Schedules, Office and Courthouse Closures
February 19:  Courthouses and Bankers Title Shenandoah will be closed for President's Day.  

Please remember to allow additional days for title searches to be completed, and schedule closings accordingly.
MBA Economist is Mostly Optimistic on Housings' Future
by Phil Hall
The near-term future for the housing market is mostly healthy, announced Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) Chief Economist Mike Fratantoni, although some troubling issues have yet to abate.
"We expect this growth to continue over the next few years,"  said Fratantoni at the MBA Independent Mortgage Bankers Conference. "We could see an early start to the spring homebuying season." Click   HERE  to read on.

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Charges Associated With Closing Protection Letters
According to the Bureau of Insurance
On November 3, 2017, the Bureau of Insurance issued an Administrative Letter which instructed title insurance companies that impose a charge for a closing protection letter ("CPL) to treat the charge as an insurance premium on closing documents.

As such, we would like to remind you to please make sure that you consistently label the ICL/CPL charges as a "premium" not a "fee" on the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure.

Click  HERE  to read the Administrative Letter in its entirety.
Please contact us directly if you have any questions or need clarification. 
Ken Rogoff_ Professor Public Policy and Professor Economics a Harvard University
Banks 'don't even have a plan A' For Another Financial Crisis Rogoff Says
by Natasha Turak
Financial institutions have fewer tools to deal with a crisis than ever before, according to Kenneth Rogoff.
But the Harvard economics professor said Tuesday he remains optimistic that a financial crash isn't imminent.

Still, he said, "I don't feel this time is different. We're still coming out of the last financial crisis," adding that a deep and systemic financial crisis has a long afterlife, and taking a decade to recover is not abnormal.  Click  HERE  to read this article in its entirety.
What Great Leaders Know About Conflict Resolution 
by John Mattone
Conflict resolution is a big challenge to even the most competent leader. Effective leaders must have good conflict resolution skills, yet few of us are ever taught how to do this.
Conflicts are inevitable, and anyone with even the slightest level of maturity understands this and understands that conflict is not the end of the world. While there may be a few people who are entertained by others' conflict, most of us don't enjoy dealing with it. That said, conflict is often a necessary step forward, and a leader's skill at handling conflict can put him or her at a higher level of effectiveness and ensure a greater legacy. Click HERE to read on. 

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