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How To Politely Sidestep a Handshake

A handshake has long been a customary interaction. Yet the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked "shakephobia," where some people may feel skittish about resuming the tradition of shaking hands, at least for now.  Studies have shown  that a handshake transfers four times the amount of bacteria as a fist bump.  Still, not everyone will be as apt to avoid handshakes. This leaves some in an awkward situation when it comes to politely declining an extended hand.  The alternatives that grew out of the pandemic-elbow bumps, foot taps, and air high-fives-may not seem like very professional alternatives. That has prompted etiquette experts to propose some business-setting alternatives.  Click  HERE  to learn more.
Tips for Educating Employees on Cybersecurity Preparedness
by Dave Murray

Employees are vulnerable to falling victim to malware and phishing emails, which can be detrimental to the organization - 94 percent of malware is delivered via phishing email, according to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.  Attackers have become more sophisticated at crafting emails that closely resemble legitimate emails employees routinely see. 
Anxiety produced by COVID-19 pandemic has reduced our ability to identify the threats and thus increases our susceptibility. A more vigilant mindset is needed to protect the business against malicious emails and cyber-attacks since employees working from home are not surrounded by their security team.  How can companies ensure their employees are up to speed? Click HERE to learn about best practices for training employees on how to spot and prevent cyber-attacks and how those may have changed due to COVID-19.
Five Foods That Are Killing Your Intelligence, Focus and Brain
by Priyadarshini Patwa

Our brain has often been the most important organ of our body. It is the CPU that controls each and every functioning. Be it our thinking, concentration, or the beating of the heart, everything is wired to the brain. Which makes it even more crucial to take care if what we eat and we don't. C ertain foods can negatively affect the functioning of our brain which directly impacts our memory, reaction, emotions, mood, and also increases the risk of mental health conditions like dementia. Click  HERE  to learn about the five worst food for our brain that is slowly and steadily killing our focus, intelligence, and a lot more.
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Study Reveals a 'Skills Gap' That Jeopardizes Future of Banking
by Jim Marous, The Financial Brand

Financial institutions that moved quickly and decisively to embrace new future of work realities as a result of COVID-19 are best positioned to succeed in the future. This includes new work environments, new ways to collaborate, new digital skillsets and new methods of leveraging technology to augment human capabilities. Banks have been forced to quickly assess the digital competency of their teams, while looking to internal training and the marketplace to provide longer term solutions. This comes at a time when every industry is looking to address a massive digital and technology skills gap.  Click  HERE  to read more.
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How The Best Leaders Manage Their Anxiety
by Lolly Daskal

I [Lolly] can tell you from my experience as a leadership coach that many leaders suffer from anxiety. If we're being honest, everyone experiences anxiety to some degree. I make sure my coaching clients have the tools they need to manage their anxiety because left unchecked, it can do great damage to their decision-making ability and overall effectiveness.  Click  HERE  to review some of the techniques I share with them for managing anxiety.
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The Necessary Evolution of the Modern Mortgage Originator
by John Glen Stevens

The slow change that will bring big change to real estate
Many times, a change occurs that is so disruptive that the world never goes back to the way it was before. We're seeing such a change in the real estate industry today, but it began long before COVID-19.  Having a single expert to rely on throughout the entire transaction is very appealing to consumers.  The rise of the one-stop shop is changing the way consumers search for, buy and finance new homes. And consumers are embracing it.  Click  HERE  to gain greater insights on this slow change and how you can prepare appropriately.
Optimized Pricing is the Secret to a Consistently Profitable Pipeline
by Joe Zeibert
Every pricing action has a reaction. As a mortgage pricing manager, every move you make has some expected outcome. But of course, how the market reacts to your decision to increase margin can negate your move. When you make your moves in an effort to change your competitive position, how will you know whether your actions have been effective? If you're all over the place with your pricing, you'll see wide variation in your lead volume. If you can minimize these "bubbles" in your pipeline, you'll have smoother capacity and more predictable forecasts. Click HERE to learn more.


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