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10 Things Unstoppable People Do That 
Average People Don't
Most people can't handle success, authority, or privilege. It destroys them. It makes them lazy.
by Benjamin P. Hardy, Contributor,

Living in an exponential world requires us to become unstoppable. It's not about having a five year plan anymore... you have you become iterative and adaptive. We must move forward, rework, adjust, and be willing to tweak our plan. Are you sitting still? Click   HERE  to learn about the 10 things you can to do to be unstoppable and break out from being average.

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5 Key Tech Tools To Engage Your Modern Buyer - Handy checklist for LO's
by Miguel Narvaez
Over the last decade, consumer expectations of a good customer experience have become increasingly dependent on good technology. Today's consumers look for companies and products that utilize technology for an improved customer experience with greater communication and information access. Instant service and transparency are requirements to attain consumers of any industry today, but particularly those who are purchasing their first home and making the biggest purchase of their lives. Click HERE for a few tools and strategies we believe are key to beginning this process and empowering loan officers with what they need to compete in today's marketplace. 
5 Ways Smart Sales Managers Optimize 1:1 Coaching Time
by Richard Lanchantin

In a perfect world, sales managers would spend quality time coaching their teams. The challenge is that sales managers are always pressed for time, so they need to be continually armed with specific feedback on how individual reps can improve their skills and win rates.
  1. Understand the specific sales competencies and behaviors necessary for success
  2. Understand the skills and knowledge gaps of their team
  3. Understand the underlying motivators of each individual seller
  4. Ask a lot of questions
  5. Consistently document the actions and follow-up steps
 Click  HERE  to gain greater insights to derive the most impact from your coaching time.
The 3 Moments That Matter Most in Sales and How to Better Prepare for Them
by Rick Cheatham
Sales is often perceived as being based on intuition, charisma, and spur-of-the-moment decision-making. In reality, closing an enterprise sale is the culmination of a long and systematic process that must be carefully planned. Our research has identified several strategies teams can take to resolve the sticking points in the sales cycle. Click HERE to learn more.
Are You Prepared to Embrace Change, Take Risks and Disrupt Yourself?
The banking industry is changing at a pace never before seen.
by Jim Marous, The Financial Brand
Digital transformation has become an imperative for financial institutions of all sizes. The transformation goes beyond technology, however, requiring people and organizations to embrace change, take risks and disrupt themselves. The banking industry is falling behind what consumers are expecting and what new competitors in and out of banking are providing. Financial services executives [must] avoid complacency and realize that the transformation in banking is occurring at a pace far faster than most imagine. Are you up for the challenge?  Click  HERE  to learn more.
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With megabanks controlling two-thirds of the small business market, how can community based banks and credit unions hope to compete?

Smaller financial institutions are having a difficult time reducing costs and generating revenue. Leverage new technologies that can speed the end-to-end borrowing process can allow community banks to reclaim the valuable small business segment.


**Remember to offer your borrowers Owner's Coverage on their most valuable investment. It's a one time premium with a lifetime of security. In addition, they will receive a reduced premium rate when they obtain it simultaneously with your Lender's Coverage.**

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