July 2021

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The Ages You Peak at Everything in Life
by Barbara Davidson

Worried your best days are behind you? Don’t be. Life is a series of peaks and troughs – your health, wealth, happiness, and skillset are developing all the time. But it helps to know when to expect those peaks and troughs. So CashNetUSA identified nearly 50 such landmarks – the good, the bad, and the ugly – from birth until the age of 80. Click HERE to learn about the science-backed timeline of the most important peaks of your life.
15 Ways to Learn From Someone You Disagree With
by Mark Sanborn

Learning from people I disagree with isn’t easy but it is almost always worthwhile. If you only converse with those who share the same point of view for the same reasons, you’ll feel validated and maybe vindicated but you won’t learn anything. Choosing to learn from those who think differently challenges your thinking, identifies blind spots, broadens your perspective, creates connection and maybe builds a bridge to a relationship. Click HERE to learn how mere mortals like us do that.
Profit Margins are Just Going to Get Worse, Lenders Say
by James Kleimann

Lenders’ profit margin outlook declined in the second quarter of 2021, the third consecutive quarter of pessimism on the profit front, according to Fannie Mae‘s quarterly Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey.
According to the second-quarter survey, 69% of lenders believe profit margins will decrease in the three months ahead compared to 52% in the prior quarter. Just 19% believe profits will remain the same and 11% believe profits will increase. The decline represented the largest quarterly decline recorded since the survey began in 2014, Fannie Mae said this week. Click HERE to read on.
How to Build Team Chemistry
via thoughtLEADERS, LLC

Building chemistry between the members of your team is all about personalities, shared beliefs, and trust. It’s great to have a clear vision, a mission, a nice set of prioritized initiatives, and all the right people. But what starts differentiating a team from a high-performing team is chemistry and trust. These intangibles are some of the most critical elements of building a high-performing team, but they’re also some of the most elusive ones to build and capture. Click HERE to learn more.
Why Women Make Good Leaders in Financial Services
by Jill Homan and Dede Wakefield

Women make up a majority of financial services industry employees, and a Deloitte report projects that the share of female executives will grow from 22 percent today to 31 percent by 2030. By having a diversified team, these institutions can better reach and engage with each and every customer – increasing the ability to cross-sell products, boosting customer loyalty as well as growing customer acquisition and retention. Why do women make good leaders in financial services? Click HERE for a few of the reasons.
One of the More Successful Commercial Bankers We Know Does These 3 Things
by Chris Nichols, SouthState Correspondent Division

We recently interviewed a top commercial loan producer at a regional bank who explained how he uses three common principles to beat out his competition. We want to share his principles, philosophies, and techniques in hopes that it might serve as an aid for some of your new relationship managers and a reminder for some of your more experienced bankers. Click HERE to learn more.
Why Every Buyer Needs an Owner's Policy
Owner's Policy Comparison Chart
Protect Your Clients From Wire Fraud
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