January 2021

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What Do the People Around You Need From You Heading Into the New Year?
by Mary Kelly, Productive Leaders

Leaders know that every person needs something a little different from their supervisors. Great leaders are smart enough to know that people are individuals, needs differ by the person and can vary by the day, and they customize their leadership approaches accordingly. Click HERE to learn what seven things EVERYONE needs from their leadership right now.

10 Leadership Strategies for Thriving in 2021
by Linda Fisher Thornton

We are heading into 2021 knowing that our best-laid plans can be quickly undone without warning. How do we survive and thrive in such a risky and unpredictable environment? Leadership expectations have changed during the pandemic. During isolation, people have been scrutinizing the ripple effects of good and bad leadership decisions. The good news is that we’ve learned some things as we navigated our challenges this year. Click HERE to review 10 Leadership Strategies for Thriving in 2021 that span many different leadership roles. Implementing all of them well can propel us forward in the current high-visibility, high-stakes environment.
Everything We Learned About Disinfecting in 2020
by Ashley Abramson

It’s safe to say 2020 is a year we learned a lot more than we ever thought we’d know (or want to know) about disinfecting. From how to do laundry in a pandemic to how to effectively eliminate viruses from household surfaces, we all gained a lot of new wisdom about how to take care of our homes and how to take care of ourselves. Click HERE for eight of the most important lessons we learned that may surprise you.
Customer and Employee Experience Should Top Banks Priority List in 2021
by Diane O'Hara, Medallia

In 2021 consumers will continue to act on the behaviors formed during the pandemic, especially as it relates to digital means of operation and communication, and banking is an area that they will look to for consistency and ease as they continue to navigate through the massive shift to the digital world. Click HERE to see what three priorities banks should consider.

Three Key Factors for Effective 2021 Planning in Financial Services
by Debbie Bianucci, Forbes Councils Member

Predicting the future is hard to do in normal business conditions, however, just because the future is uncertain doesn’t mean that planning isn’t time well spent. One valuable way to increase the effectiveness of planning is to base your assumptions on current, relevant research that helps to objectively frame major issues and opportunities. With this type of information as a foundation, plans can be focused on the most important priorities and flexible enough to accommodate the inevitable unexpected circumstances. The Forbes Council has identified three critical factors that will impact how effectively financial services leaders will develop plans for 2021. Click HERE to learn more.
40 One-Sentence Communication Tips
by Josh Spector

Communication is your responsibility to get right, and you'll also need to be honest, open, memorable and straightforward, writes Josh Spector, who offers 40 short tips. "The things you remember saying are different than the things others remember hearing from you." Click HERE to learn about these 40 communication tips.

Why Every Buyer Needs an Owner's Policy
Owner's Policy Comparison Chart
Protect Your Clients From Wire Fraud
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