This title can be interpreted both literally and figuratively.

For a construction company, it’s critical to build a solid foundation so that the entire structure has a strong base, able to carry the weight of the workload.

When it comes to a solid business model, the same philosophy is true – but the foundation begins with the people involved. Regal’s strength starts at its core, and that’s evident when talking with company President Robert Puterman.

Here, he discusses four points critical to constructing a business that can withstand the strongest of storms. 

Starting a business comes with its challenges, but once you’re established, the real work begins. Building trust and showing growth are game-changers – and since Regal’s inception in 2012, we’re proud to say we’ve been able to demonstrate both. Throughout the last seven years, our team has made incredible connections and built remarkable relationships while honing our foundation and skill set.

Regal’s foundation is built on several pillars, two of the most important being exceptional customer service and employee relations. Each Monday morning, for example, I send an inspirational message to all team members ensuring a strong start to the week. It’s imperative to reinforce employee value, top-notch customer satisfaction and mindfulness so that our foundation continues to build without cracks.
Another of Regal’s key pillars is safety, something so critical that we developed our very own “SAFE” acronym (Smart, Alert, Focused, Educated), proudly displayed on signage, hard hats, our website and company literature. Although a system of checks and balances exists to ensure full protection, we take special measures to monitor safety and ensure that all communication lines are open. My Monday morning message always concludes with this quote: “A SAFE project is a successful project!” – a motto that’s critical to Regal’s foundation across the board.

As pointed out, communication is key – and it starts from the ground up. There are many moving parts that are integral to Regal’s operation, similar to a well-oiled machine. If the engine isn’t working at full capacity, the other structural components can’t perform their tasks effectively. Being on the same page from the start can make or break a project. To ensure success, the Regal team convenes each week to communicate all details and confirm that resources are being properly allocated to and utilized at each job site, ensuring maximum efficiency. Before breaking ground on a project, each member of the Regal team is fully aware of their roles and responsibilities to achieve maximum results. A strong foundation is built upon full understanding of the client’s vision – and this can only be achieved through seamless communication, transparency and teamwork from the start.  

The Regal team works primarily on residences and places of business, which makes turnaround time a top priority. Whether it’s an emergency-restoration project or upgrade to enhance curb appeal, we want to develop and execute a timeline of top-notch efficiency. Every job we undertake involves a major asset in someone’s life, which is why our team understands the importance of immediate response and repair. Once the work is done, we develop a long-term maintenance strategy for each customer to proactively plan for scenarios that could occur as weather conditions change with each season. A strong foundation is at the core of every successful project, but how we build upon that base is just as important as our strategy for breaking ground.

The Regal team aims to exceed expectations at every level, from the foundation to the finished product. Contact us to learn more about our scope, vision and ways we can enhance the value of places that are core to your every-day life.