MAY 10, 2019
Parents giving piggyback ride to children
Part of our Housing Emergency lies in the cost it takes to build affordable housing, providing subsidized homes for our most vulnerable populations should not be so costly. Often time units are over $500,000 to construct. Affordable housing developers already face mountainous challenges to ensure project delivery, including increased construction costs, a decrease in subsidized financing, decrease in tax credit pricing, a lack of available land, and community opposition. Piling on additional costly and unnecessary requirements increase the amount of government funding needed, which in turn limits the number of affordable units created with limited funding. 
These added costs can kill even a well-designed and well-planned project that would be valuable to the community. Cities and counties can obtain the attractive affordable and equitable housing projects they seek for their communities, and their constituents can have a place to call home, if we consider ways to decrease development costs, making sure those projects always come to fruition. We offer solutions in our Housing Emergency Response Kit (HERK) in this week’s topic: Make Affordable Housing Projects Affordable .

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"We need practical solutions to ameliorate the crisis to provide housing for people at every income level, without penalizing the developers taking financial risks to bring more inventory to our communities. We need more inventory, affordably and faster. 
Please read and support our Housing Emergency Response Kit.”

--Christine Villegas, Chelsea Investment Co.
This affordable housing project in Van Nuys, CA features 52 affordable homes, specially created for families and survivors of domestic violence. The development includes a central courtyard, computer lab, meditation garden, meeting space, special needs services, and resident center. This project has been awarded Project of the Year by the Southern California Association for Nonprofit Housing, and is recognized LEED Platinum from the U.S. Green Building Council. Learn more about Abode and Ivy Terrace here .

 Learn more about affordable housing policies in the HERK sheet titled Make Affordable Housing Projects Affordable.
In late April, the Los Angeles County Sustainability Office released their Draft Sustainability Plan titled "OurCounty". The Plan was recently unveiled during two identical, invite-only stakeholder meetings, BIA-LAV was in attendance and shared industry viewpoints on the draft action items. Gary Gero, the Chief Sustainability Officer also presented the Draft at our Board of Directors meeting for feedback. The Plan will work across County departments, including Regional Planning, to create sustainability goals and recommendations. The County will provide a final Draft this Summer, after stakeholder input.

 Learn more about sustainability policies and the effects on affordable housing in the HERK sheet titled Climate Change and Housing .
On Thursday, BIA-LAV hosted a Utility Innovation Luncheon at the Universal Sheraton. Executive and Senior level utility staff from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Metropolitan Water District, Southern California Edison and SoCal Gas spoke about innovative solutions for reliability and sustainability. The speakers also discussed the role that the utilities play in achieving our State and local housing goals. 

 Learn more about utility policies and the effects on affordable housing in the HERK sheet titled Promote Utility Partnership for Housing .
Homelessness Is Getting Worse In Southern California. Here's Why ( LAist )
"We're building much less housing than we have at every other point in our history, in at least the last century or so," he said. "Given the economic boom that's occurring, you get situations where there are lots of new jobs being created that are fairly high paying. So people have incomes, but new housing isn't being added."

Learn more about affordable housing policies in the HERK sheet titled Make Affordable Housing Projects Affordable .
Newsom wavers on Silicon Valley tech money for affordable housing in California ( LA Times )

Making local and regional housing and infrastructure funding more effective ( California Economic Summit )
Established in 1969, Air-Tec offers a comprehensive range of design, custom manufacturing and installation expertise. They provide everything needed to build or enhance state-of-the-art HVAC systems for a large range of structures. Air-Tec is able to provide customers with the personal attention and responsiveness of a "small business" while maintaining the capabilities of a large company. They are known for their commitment to excellence, customer service and the highest levels of quality. Their experienced staff uses the most up-to-date technology in the industry as they continually do their best to live up to their motto of: “AIR-TEC...Performs”. Learn more here .
Southern Californians can now get $2 for every square foot of thirsty grass they replace with more water efficient sustainable landscaping, up to $10,000. Metropolitan Water District of Southern California launched its new turf replacement program in April, doubling its rebate and approving other changes to make it easier to participate. For more information and to apply, visit 

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