FJHNA Vintage Championship Series Has Begun

 This is YOUR Series

If you wish to participate in your Vintage Championship Series all you have to do is decide when and where you race, attend those venues and then complete a SUBMISSION FORM for each venue. You will accrue extra points for racing at a Monoposto Venue and our Regional and National venues. You can also register with Monoposto and race in their Championship Series (a two-fer!)

Racing your car at the track of your choice is the #1 priority.


Previously our classes were consolidated into a single FJ class resulting in one overall race winner that was always in the newer more advanced car. That practice ignored and drove the earlier cars away; i.e. Front Engine and Mid-Engine drum brake cars. These older less technical cars are more fragile, require more managing of the equipment (transmissions and brakes) and race-craft. The best drivers of each class have earned and deserve the same recognition as the overall winner.


I’ve re-established and added a class to our FJ line up so drivers can race and compete against “like/equal” cars. Previously a modified car would simply move up a class, which encouraged more modifications to remain competitive. Adding a class allows for the least amount of changes for reliability/availability reasons while keeping competition balanced.

Our Rules, Regulations & Points Systems main emphasis is about on track racing, authenticity (Monoposto Rules and FJ Car Specifications), reliability (starting and finishing each session), and lastly finishing position. An overall approach where winning is not everything.


Travel expenses are a major factor in our racing. You can now race your car at your LOCAL venue, compete in the Vintage Championship Series and promote Formula Juniors all at the same time. You can show your club that Formula Juniors are special, they were special in the day and continue to be special.


(go to Victory Lane Magazine for 2022 event schedule)

Give a shout out to your fellow FJ drivers in your neck of the woods. Two or three racers is a start and we will grow from there. The members lists were sent to the registered drivers or you can contact me for names of local FJ drivers. I will publish your plans in this format letting racers know when and where you are racing and encourage them to join you.

Lastly if you can, please join us at our National Reunions. Barber May 19-22 or the Monterey Pre-Reunion & Reunion, Aug 13-20.

It is NOT to late to Register for entry into Monterey. Monterey always has large crowds and TV/streaming coverage. We have a list of about 40 cars which is approaching the entry limit, but we can accommodate a few more. Even after we reach the maximum number, there will always be a few accepted cars that for what ever reason, will not be able to attend. If you are on the "Pending" list there is a chance you could be invited. You pay the entry fees only after you are accepted.


I’ve set up a system where you are in charge of your schedule.

A way for you to communicate and race with your fellow FJ racer.

A fair system that recognizes your car, your skills and your abilities

no matter which FJ Class your race in.


Now it's up to you to make this a happen.

2022 FJHNA Schedule, Registration Links

MAY 19 - 22


2.3 Miles of Flowing Fun

"If ever a track was designed for Juniors, this is it!"

J.R. Mitchell (GMT Racing)

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The selection process has started for Monterey, but there is still time to Register.

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