All the News You Need to Kick-Off with BUSC                               March 2018 
Spring has sprung, and it's an exciting time of year at BUSC! The Spring competitive season is under way for all and college advisory programs are planned for our older age groups!

The beginning of April will mark the launch of our new website, the opening of registration for recreational soccer, and the kickoff of registration for competitive tryouts.

Watch your email for messaging, check out the new site once it launches, and be sure you've set your password on your League Apps (replacing Korrio) account. See instructions below!

Summer 2018 Camp Dates Set**

July 23-26
BUSC/RAGE Summer Soccer Day Camp  
for Male/Female Rec Players Ages 5-12    10am-12pm  Pleasanton

July 16-19

2010 (U9) YDP and Select Teams                 4-5:30 pm     Pleasanton
2009 (U10) YDP and Select Teams               6-7:30 pm     Pleasanton

July 20-23
2000-2001 (U18) Premier/Elite Teams        Tahoe Residential Camp

July 23-26
2011 (U8) YDP                                                4-5:30 pm     Pleasanton
2008 (U11) Premier/Elite/Select                 6-7:30 pm     Pleasanton
2007-2000 (U12-U19) Select Teams              7-8:30 pm     Pleasanton

July 23-26 (Full Days)
2007-2005 (U12-U14) DA, Premier/Elite   8 am-5 pm    Pleasanton

July 31-Aug 3 (Full Days)
2004-2002 (U15-U17) Premier/Elite           8 am-5 pm    Pleasanton

**Though we have set our camp dates and do not anticipate changes, please note that ALL camps have the potential to change due to circumstances out of our control.
Did You Know?

...the membership card found in the back of your membership book enables you to get discounted pricing at local businesses and services in and around Pleasanton? There is much to save by utilizing your Membership Card while supporting business that support the club. If you have lost your card or never received one, swing by the office to grab another.

A Message from Executive Director, Kevin Crow

The spring season is upon us and it's exciting to see the kids returning to the fields for training and games and the excitement on their face! Our U8-13's have returned from the winter break and for the most part have their fall teams have been reunited to play spring while they wait for the May tryouts, which begin Saturday, May 12th.

The U14-19's have wrapped up either their winter training or high school seasons and are now preparing for their spring league and NorCal State Cup. Each year, for the past 6 years, we have provided our U14 competitive players an opportunity to travel abroad.. .read more

Whether you are getting ready to register your player for the 2018 recreational season or for competitive tryouts for 2018-19, it's important you set your password in our new system if you have not already done so.

Ballistic United Soccer Club has moved to a new system for registration and communication? We said bye, bye, bye to Korrio and got in sync with League Apps!  
All member data was uploaded into League Apps, but all members need to SET A NEW PASSWORD before registering for their first program in the new system. Please DO NOT create a new account--this will result in duplicates! Thank you!
An Important Note from NorCal's Board of Directors


Merriam - Webster Dictionary defines Sportsmanship as:

Conduct (such as fairness, respect for one's opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing) becoming to one participating in a sport.

While we absolutely encourage everyone to give their best effort trying to win, we also believe a sense of soccer fellowship should be maintained at all times, among opponents, opposing fans, and referees. Treat each other with courtesy; remember your opponents are, like you, fans of the game only in a different uniform, playing for a different club, supporting a different team, or in the case of referees, with a different role to play.

Whatever part you play, be a role model. Set an example. Your positive example is incredibly valuable to those who witness it!

The rules must be respected as they maintain a player's health and safety, provide everyone a fair chance to win each match, and provide necessary checks and balances in a game full of emotions.

Referees must be respected and treated properly; without them our games cannot be played. Remember they are sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers. They are our fellow soccer fans and they deserve our patience. Our praise, respect and admiration should be shown to them for taking on what is often a thankless task.

Finally, respect the game! Soccer, futebol, fussball, football, whatever you may call it, is the greatest sport in the world - for it to continue to grow and remain healthy in our country it absolutely needs us to respect... its fields, its players, its fans, its referees and its coaches.

Thank you very much,

NorCal Board of Directors

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