An Update: Chamber talks Small Scale Renewable Energy with the GOA
Lethbridge, November 14, 2017 —  This summer the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce released a policy proposing that the Government of Alberta
create a program, or carve out, for small scale renewable electricity generators (0.1MW - 5MW) to address the gap in market regulations and programs for renewable electricity generators exporting to the grid with a capacity less than 5MW. This policy was developed in response to the very real opportunities for expansion of the renewable energy sector in our region and the economic and business opportunities that such an expansion would create.

Read the Full Policy on our Website Here: Small Scale Renewable Energy
Today we received a response to our policy from the Hon. Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, Minister of Energy for the Province of Alberta. The Minister's response thanked us for our proposal, offered a summary of the Province's ongoing efforts to support renewable energy, and invited us to continue the conversation about our policy with her staff.

If you have interest or expertise in this topic and would like to contribute to our ongoing efforts, please contact Peter Casurella at the Chamber of Commerce by emailing

We also encourage you to send letters to your local MLA's and the Minister of Energy in support of this policy. Their mailing information has been included below. If you do send a letter, be sure to let us know.

Hon. Margaret McCuaig-Boyd
Minister of Energy
324 Legislature Building
10800 - 97 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5K 2B6

Shannon Phillips
MLA for Lethbridge-West
402 - 8 Street South
Lethbridge, AB
Canada T1J 2J7

Maria Fitzpatrick
MLA for Lethbridge-East
543 - 13 Street South
Lethbridge, AB
Canada T1J 2W1
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  • Consulted with Hon. Shannon Phillips, Minister for the Environment
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  • Sent out a Social Media blast highlighting the issue.
  • Corresponded with Hon. Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, Minister of Energy
  • Informed Membership of ongoing efforts.

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