July 26, 2020
News // Announcements

Faculty are encouraged to view a three-minute Learn from Anywhere Faculty Overview Video. Reach out to  edtech@bu.edu  if you’d like to schedule a practice session in one of the demo classrooms (Keefer, L206, R108). More info on scheduling will follow. Questions? Contact Educational Media Leadership: Lucy Milne  lmilne@bu.edu  and Jana Mulkern  jmulkern@bu.edu.

The Office of Research has opened research activity for Phase 3 of BU’s four-phase reopening process slated to begin in August to allow in-person lab bench research to raise their occupancy limits to above 50 percent, and to open computational and theoretical labs and offices to 50 percent occupancy.

Thirteen are from BUSM! Congratulations Michael Alosco, Nahid Bhadelia, Laurie Douglass, Neil Ganem, Joel Henderson, Karen Jacobson, Caroline Kistin, Allison Larson, Jesse Mez, Suzanne Pineles, Jose Rafael Romero, Teviah Erik Sachs and Chadi Tannoury.

Study aims to discover new treatments for HIV-infected patients with opioid-use disorder.

An antiracism theme has been chosen for this year’s Art Days to promote further thought and discussion. Art Days will be in the spring semester as usual, but we are providing the theme in advance. (Non-theme submissions will be acceptable, but the thematic works will be highlighted hopefully to serve as a springboard for additional presentations/discussions.)
Faculty Action
Nominations for BUSM Representatives for University Faculty Council 2020

University Faculty Council is the representative body of the Faculty Assembly and comprises members who are elected to represent their individual schools or colleges. Elected representatives participate in the governance of the university by bringing issues, concerns or suggestions from their schools or colleges. More information and nominations available here.

Visit the  calendar  for a full listing of grand rounds, lectures and events for this week.
Aug. 5 | Provost Workshop: The Role of the Medical Campus in Anti-racism and BU’s New Anti-racism Center
2-3 p.m. | Zoom Event, Registration Required

Join Featured Speakers
Ibram X. Kendi, PhD, Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities and Founding Director , BU Center for Antiracist Research

Sadiqa Kendi, MD, CPST, Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Boston Medical Center