October 20, 2019
Ann McKee, MD, has been named a 2019 Service to America Medalist and received the Paul A. Volcker Career Achievement Medal from the Partnership for Public Service.
The awards are presented annually by City Awake, a program of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce aimed at connecting, engaging and celebrating next-generation leaders.
The five-year, $3.6M P30 Center Grant will allow for further clinical research in rheumatology at the BU Core Center for Clinical Research.
For the fourth consecutive year, the Bob Woodruff Foundation has made a grant to BUSM for Strength at Home, a nationwide program to prevent and treat intimate partner violence (IPV) in veteran populations.
In the Media

Sarah Bagley, MD
Scott Hadland, MD, MPH, MS
J oint Pain & Corticosteroid Injections
This week, a study by Ali Guermazi, MD, PhD, reported that corticosteroid injections for joint pain may be more harmful than helpful. Below is a sampling of coverage:

The Atlantic: A Warning on Steroids for Joint Pain

CBS Boston: Steroid Injections Cause More Harm Than Good in Some Arthritis Patients, Study Finds

CNN : Steroid Injections May Lead to More Long-term Harm Than Previously Thought, New Study Says

HealthDay: Steroid Shots for Painful Joints May Make Matters Worse

NBC News:  Common Joint Pain Treatment may be More Harmful Than Thought

WBUR : Concerns Rise About Possible Complications from Steroid Injections for Hip And Knee Arthritis
The BUMC Provost’s Office is looking for candidates for the 2020 Staff Management Acumen and Performance (MAP) Program. The five-month program is for leaders, managers or individual contributors who are looking for the next step in professional development.

Deadline extended until Friday, Oct. 25 | Learn more
Monday, Oct. 21
9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Instructional Building, Hiebert Lounge

A day of innovations in precision mass spectrometry, functional proteomics, chemical biology and data science.

Mondays (Five sessions beginning Monday, Oct. 21)
7-10 p.m.
Fuller Gym

The RAD system trains in basic self-defense and offers viable options when confronted with various threats of violence. Open to female students, faculty and staff.

Wednesday, Oct. 23
11 a.m.-2 p.m.
801 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 400

Free for faculty and staff | Provided by BU Occupational Health

Please visit the  calendar  for a full listing of grand rounds, lectures and events for this week.
Upcoming Events
Tuesday, Oct. 29
Noon-12:50 p.m.
Housman Building, R112

“How to Design an Education Evaluation Project”
Lindsay Demers, MS, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, BUSM; Director, Education Evaluation Core
Tuesday, Nov. 19
Noon-1:30 p.m.
Instructional Building, L110

Featuring Alden Landry, MD, MPH. Assistant Director, Office of Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership at Harvard Medical School.

Tuesday, Nov. 26
3-5 p.m.
Instructional Building, Hiebert Lounge
With 35 years of experience as a journalist, Dean DiChristina is among the nation’s most accomplished science journalists, editors and managers. Learn about the work that is being done at the College of Communication, including The Conversation , and opportunities at Scientific American.