BUSM This Week                                                        August 14, 2016
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Oldest Protein Residue Found on Stone Tools

How smart were human-like species of the Stone Age? Learn more from James Pokines, PhD.
Study Reveals Association between Physical Function and Neurological Disease

A simple test of physical functioning based on FHS data may help predict individuals at risk of developing Alzheimer's and stroke. 
Unproven Stem Cell Interventions for Lung Diseases Grow, Despite Promise of New Therapies 

"Stem cell medical tourism" is becoming a global problem-preying on desperate patients with incurable diseases, according to an online editorial by Laertis Ikonomou, PhD. 

Sibaji Sarkar, PhD, and BUSM researchers provide a comparative analysis of the evolution of different epigenetic mechanisms in a new review article.

Keane Honored by APA for Contributions to the Science of Trauma

Terence M. Keane, PhD, is the recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Contributions to Science of Trauma Psychology award from the American Psychological Association.

STaRS: Getting an Early Start on Life in the Lab

How one BUSM program welcomes undergrads from around country.  

In the Media inthemedia

Zika Strikes Miami
David Hamer, MD  
A Simple Physical Test May Be Able to Assess Your Alzheimer's Risk

Galit Weinstein, PhD, neurology

Rio Olympics 2016: What Are The Spots on Michael Phelps' Back?
David Felson, MD, MPH
10 Commandments to Reduce Your Risk of Stroke 

Hugo Aparicio, MD 
Public Safety Update

The Department of Public Safety has seen an increase in criminal activity on the Medical Campus properties. Learn more about safety and security tips.

Faculty/Staff MBTA Commuting Benefit

A MBTA pass subsidy benefit of 35-50 percent is now available to all regular faculty and staff who order a monthly MBTA pass through Boston University. Learn more.

Faculty ActionFacultyAction
BUSM bylaws encourage a regular rotation of faculty on School committees. The goal is to match faculty to groups aligned with their interests, expertise and academic career.  Learn more.

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