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December 2, 2016
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How many times have you walked through town humming "Winter Wonderland"? As we celebrate the beginning of the season with Wednesday's Holiday Lighting Celebration, let's give a shout-out to the elements that make Ketchum so special.
Ketchum has unique shops, restaurants featuring locally grown food, and grocers with products rivaling those of big city stores. Ketchum has free local bus service and snow-cleared roads. Ketchum also has excellent police, fire and ambulance services.
How is all this possible in a community of 3,000, miles away from any major city? A key reason is your commitment to buy local. Local purchases keep Ketchum's downtown businesses viable. Local purchases provide the sales tax dollars that support buses, snowplows and emergency services.
Please join me in celebrating the Ketchum community in Town Square Wednesday. Then stay downtown to dine and shop. More than 30 merchants have agreed to stay open until 8 p.m. as part of our Buy Local campaign. You will find a list of them, as well as details of the celebration in this newsletter.
So when we talk about "walking in a winter wonderland," remember what it takes to make it happen. Buy Local. Eat Local. Go Local.
Thank you for supporting Ketchum's local businesses next Wednesday and every other day as well.

Happy Holidays!


Q. Alaska Airlines has announced that it has a new instrument approach system that will reduce weather-related diversions by 95 percent. Can the other airlines share this technology? --Brent Hansen
A. As stated by Alaska Airlines, this is a proprietary system developed by Alaska Airlines for its own use, utilizing its specially equipped fleet of aircraft and highly trained flight crews. Only Alaska Airlines is authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to use this approach. As for other air carriers and corporate operators, the FAA last summer authorized new public approaches to SUN that allow aircraft to land 160 feet to 900 feet lower than previous approach procedures depending on aircraft capabilities and equipage. Airport officials are hopeful that the combination of the new private and public approach procedures will result in a substantial increase in reliability at the airport this winter. Read press release for more information. 

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Feature Heading
Stay involved. Included here are links to the Monday, Dec. 5, Council agenda and Council meeting information. The City Council Monday will consider extending the approval of the development agreement for Warm Springs Ranch, a policy on mobile food vending trucks, and an agreement with an artist to decorate a second gondola carrying skiers on Bald Mountain. The meeting begins at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall.

It is the responsibility of the city to inform the public and gain public input. Please provide the city with your opinion and comments by attending Monday's meeting beginning at 5:30 p.m. in Ketchum City Hall, 480 East Ave., N., or sending an email to Thank you, Nina

Agenda   Info 
The Ketchum and Sun Valley Volunteer Firefighters Association and the Ketchum City Council have agreed on an option to locate a training facility for volunteer and full-time firefighters. The temporary training facilities would be located on a city-owned lot at 219 Lewis St.

The association would pay the estimated construction costs of $30,000 to $60,000, and the city would insure, manage and maintain the facility. If the city determines that it needs the lot for another use, the association would pay the costs of relocating the facility.
Currently the city lot is used for storing the street division's materials. The city has identified a site next to the street division to store materials and is in the process of verifying ownership of that site. The use of the site would also require relocating the bike path about 30 feet to the west.
"We were impressed with the knowledge and helpfulness of the city staff," said Tom Bowman, volunteer firefighter and former Blaine County commissioner. "This was the first time I had met Ketchum Public Works Director/City Engineer Robyn Mattison. She has solid skills. She immediately understood our requests, and helped us improve our plans."
Please stay tuned as the city works through the necessary steps toward completion of this project.

The City Council Monday will discuss undergrounding utilities following a joint meeting last month with the Ketchum Urban Renewal Agency. The KURA proposed undergrounding utilities in the alley west of Main Street between Fourth and First streets.
This year the city budgeted $125,000 for undergrounding utilities in cooperation with property owners. Interested property owners apply to the city to partner on undergrounding existing sections of the power line. Partnering with property owners increases the impact of the franchise dollars by enabling more lines to be undergrounded.

The city prioritizes lines in the community core, followed by the tourist zone then residential zones. Additional city priorities are enhancing view corridors and benefiting multiple properties.
A staff report and an application are available on the city website. The City Council meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall.

EV Station A ribbon cutting took place on Dec. 1 for the electrical vehicle charging station at the Ore Wagon Museum. This example of the city's commitment to sustainability is now open. The station is on the west side of the museum, located at Fifth and East Avenue, and costs $1 per hour.

Andy Castellano, a member of the Ketchum Energy Advisory Committee, researched and analyzed this project prior to his presentation to City Council several months ago. The ChargePoint system was selected because of its ability to provide medium-speed charging at a mid-cost range level for any model of electric vehicle. It is robust enough to handle the elements; tracks and reports station utilization, energy costs and greenhouse gas savings; advertises on digital maps apps and navigation systems; and allows drivers to make reservations. It also monitors the system's health and allows the city to bill for the energy consumed.
"Our community is committed to sustainability," said Mayor Nina Jonas. "We are taking the lead in producing solar energy and providing an electric-vehicle charging station. We want to demonstrate that solar energy is feasible, even in a climate with cold enough winters for a ski resort. Without the assistance of the Ketchum Energy Advisory Committee, these projects could not happen."
Idaho Power will pay half of the $7,694 cost of the station. Much of the electricity provided will come from the solar panels on the museum roof.
The station can be used by all electric vehicles and payment must be made through ChargePoint, an app available for smart phones.

Ketchum Finance Director Sandy Cady Retires After 42 Years 
Ketchum Finance Director Sandy Cady Retires After 42 Years
Take Advantage of Special Fares from Los Angeles, Portland
Have friends who are thinking of visiting? Alaska Airlines is offering fares as low as $65 from Los Angeles and $85 from Portland if you book by Monday, Dec. 5. Nonstop winter flights from Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver and San Francisco start on Dec 16 and the new Portland nonstop flights start on Dec 17. Complete schedule can be found at  
Get Real-Time Bus Information
Mountain Rides now has an app to tell you when the next bus is coming. Get RouteShout 2. 0.
Hemingway School Students Get Ready for Mayor's Holiday Lighting Celebration
Ernest Hemingway Elementary School student Annika Petersen talks to Mayor Nina Jonas about the Mayor's Holiday Lighting Celebration and the reasons to "Buy Local" in this student-produced video, which airs on the school's morning news broadcast.
Come to Town Square Wednesday for Holiday Celebration
The Mayor's Holiday Lighting Celebration will begin at 4:30 p.m. in Town Square on Wednesday, Dec. 7. Mayor Nina Jonas and Santa, who arrives at 5 p.m., will throw the switch on lights at the square. There will be free hot chocolate and cookies for all. The Sawtooth Brewery will sell beer and wine, and Warfield's hot toddies will be available to keep the older crowd warm. The Colla Voce women's ensemble will sing carols. Everyone is encouraged to stay downtown for dinner and shopping. More than 30 downtown stores will stay open until 8 p.m. (See list above.)
Placing Snow Poles
If you use snow poles to delineate the edge of the street during the winter months, the city requests that you place them 18 inches back from the edge of the asphalt. If the poles are closer to the street, the city's snowplow crews cannot properly clear the roadway without removing the snow poles. The city will not replace snow poles that have been removed by plowing equipment. Thank you for your cooperation!
Keep Pipes from Freezing as Temperatures Drop
With temperatures expected to approach single digits this weekend, here are some suggestions from the public works department for preventing frozen water pipes.
  • Close all crawl space and basement vents.
  • Remove hoses left over from summer irrigation from outside hose bibs.
  • Set your thermostat to maintain a minimum temperature of at least 55 degrees if you are away for any length of time. This will help reduce the chance for pipes located within exterior walls to freeze. If you have pipes located within exterior walls, such as your kitchen or bathroom, leave the cabinet door open to allow heat to enter.
Expect Lower Energy Bills at Atkinson Park Recreation Center
Expect lower energy bills at Atkinson Park Recreation center, thanks to a Ketchum Energy Advisory Committee initiative. The building is getting Energy Star thermostatic controlled heater units to replace inefficient wall heaters, attic fans that will help create a more uniform temperature throughout the building, a fireplace insert to increase heating efficiency, energy-efficient light fixtures and sensors that determine when rooms are occupied.

Approximately 60 children attend the After School Program and more than 5,000 people use the recreation center and Christina Potters Outdoor Ice Rink annually for winter fun. An energy audit performed by Integrated Design Lab of the University of Idaho earlier this year states that significant cost savings for the building will be realized due to the upgrades. Once the projects are complete, analysis of energy costs will be tracked and reported.

Reminder: Bus Service to Airport, Galena Lodge Starts Soon
Mountain Rides will add new routes serving Friedman Memorial Airport Dec. 24 through March 26 and the Galena Lodge Nordic ski area Dec. 22 through Feb. 5. "Night Owl" service will operate until 2:15 a.m. from Nov. 24 through April 16.
City Council 
Attend the next City Council meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 5. City Council meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month in Ketchum City Hall. Click here to see the agenda and staff reports or scan the QR code.

Planning and Zoning Commission 
Attend the next Planning and Zoning Commission meetings at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 12. P&Z meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month in Ketchum City Hall. Click here for agendas and staff reports or scan the QR code.

Public Comment 
If you cannot attend the Council or P&Z meetings and would like to express an opinion, please submit your comments via email to Your input and engagement is encouraged. All comments will be reviewed. 
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