Dear Beaver community,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I will only briefly interrupt it with this update on our search for the next Head of School. If you are new to the Beaver community this school year, this may be the first communication on the search some of you have received, so I encourage you to go to the website for more information.

Thanks to a very passionate and invested search committee working diligently throughout the summer, we have made great progress with our assignment of vetting candidates—and with a school like Beaver, I can share with you that there was a LOT of interest.

We met people who have broken new ground, who are trendsetters, who believe school is for kids, and who are genuinely excited about the opportunity and possibility Beaver offers. Candidates came from a range of backgrounds and experience. We had conversations about the future of education, innovation, creativity, and risk taking. We spoke to people not even looking but when they learned the role was at Beaver, were ready to jump at the chance to work here! Our school is well known, well respected and admired. 

Through all of the search committee’s conversations, it is clear to people that we are thinkers, doers, and change-makers known for being on the cutting edge of education. In each and every meeting, it made us proud to hear this recognition about our beloved community.

So, where are we now?

The process is moving forward and is on schedule. Over the summer, we interviewed seven candidates, meeting with some of them multiple times. We have narrowed down that pool after long consideration and discussion, and are continuing to work throughout August. The committee will eventually recommend (early fall) one candidate to the Board of Trustees, and the Board will then vote on that final candidate.

The search committee is passionate about finding the best fit for Beaver, so we are thoughtfully, carefully, and intentionally moving through this process. I look forward to updating you on more progress in the coming weeks. For now, enjoy the rest of your summer!

Warm regards,
Lisa Smith-McQueenie
Head of School Search Chair
Clerk, Board of Trustees