A Note from Scott and Marsha
August 13, 2020
There are some fringe benefits to working at our garden center. Outside of enjoying plant discounts, discounted Sunset Slush on hot summer days, amazing co-workers and awesome views for your lunch break, every now and then you might chase a goat or even a chicken.  

Just last week, I was at the garden center and headed back to my office when I saw a commotion in the driveway. Customer cars were lining up and I immediately thought the peach truck was back. I drove the cart down the hill and instead of a peach truck, I spotted Angela. Angela is our Lawn Maintenance Administrative Assistant, and she had on her work gloves. But I knew she was leaving for the day which I thought was strange. Once I rounded the pine tree, I saw what the commotion was. Maple, the brown and white goat, was running around in the middle of the driveway causing traffic to come to a halt. Maple is now on the naughty list. I thought Spruce, her brother, was the naughty one. But she is giving everyone a hard time in the yard. And what is worse?  She doesn't even care.  

Angela and I moved in on her, and she responded by bolting further down the driveway toward Hwy 751. I coaxed. I pleaded. I begged. She played hard to get. Angela waited patiently. The customers waited patiently asking, "How can we help?"  

Food always works. We devised a quick plan. Angela took huge hand-fulls of feed and moved into the pen to coax all the other goats to the opposite side of their shed where they wouldn't see me. I opened the gate wide and shook the container with feed hoping Maple would follow. Sure enough, she followed me in and we closed the gate. Success!  

The best part was one of the customers rolled down her window and yelled, "That has been the best part of my month!" It really is the small things these days and if chasing a goat humors our customers, we are all about that. We can make that happen daily!  

Stop in for something green, and we'll see if we can supply some entertainment. Every day should always be full of surprises!  
Ficus Burgundy, aka Rubber Plant, is Judy's pick of the week. The dark mahogany leaves are a striking and gorgeous accent to any room. Well, any room with bright, indirect light, that is. The less light in the room, the lighter color the leaves will become. Water when the top inch of the soil is dry, and be careful not to over-water (an enemy to many houseplants). Remember to never leave your plant sitting in water. You can mist your Ficus Burgundy to add humidity.
Named for the woman who first made our country's flag, this beautiful spring bloomer will be a delightful addition to your garden. The blooms are large, perfect for cut flowers, and smell heavenly. They grow to be as tall as 10 feet, but will be relatively low maintenance as they keep their shape easily without pruning. Plant in full sun or part shade in well-draining soil with at least 4-6 hours of sun a day for it to be its happiest.
Gold, evergreen foliage grace the branches of these bright Spruce trees. New growth is a brilliant yellow that matures to golden. We love that this little tree can be happy in a container for a few years. Although the shape may be a little irregular when it is young, as this tree grows, it will become more conical in shape. Young trees may require some protection from the sun, but for the best color, you will want to plant in full sun.
Tropical Tuesdays
Every Tuesday in August
Save 10% on any of our houseplants on every Tuesday in August! Our next Tropical Tuesday is August 18! We are open 9AM-5PM.

Saturday, September 5, 10:00am-11:30am
Familiarize yourself with pruning techniques to keep your plants looking their best and promote healthy growing habits. Learn three simple ways to propagate popular indoor plants. Everyone is welcome to bring a plant from home in need of pruning. The cost of this class is $15 and each participant will receive a pair of pruning shears.
Presenter: Debbi Barrett/FGS Register here today!
Saturday, September 19, 10:00am-11:00am
Gardens with shade and part-shade provide settings for attractive fragrance, flowers, and foliage over several seasons. We will discuss plant & site selection for a range of low-light conditions, soil preparation, and basic points for planning the perfect shade garden that’s not only beautiful and colorful but soothing to the eye. There is no fee for this class. Presenter: Jon Miller/FGS Register here today!
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Fall is right around the corner! With cooler temperatures, we know many of you will want to add to your gardens. Why not plant evergreen perennials that will give you color all year long? In this post, we share some of our favorite evergreen perennials.

Now is the time to repot your houseplants, since you really don't want to repot during the fall and winter months. If you missed it last week, we shared this post to provide you the repotting tips you may need.
"THE POTTING SHED" will be open Thursday-Sunday this week serving beer, wine, cider, seltzer, mimosas and Sunset Slush!! Sunset Slush is a smooth Italian ice that can be enjoyed by all ages! It is dairy-free, gluten-free, full of flavor and amazingly refreshing! Adults can enjoy Sunset Slush topped with white wine or champagne for a cold and delicious adult treat! We have multiple flavors available. Enjoy a cold beverage as you shop with plenty of space for social distancing! Click HERE for hours and menu.
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