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Acquiring and Distributing Knowledge                       October 3, 2019
Regarding God's Creation
Gen 7:19  The water prevailed more and more upon the earth, so that all the high mountains  everywhere under the heavens  were covered. ... 8:4  In the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark rested upon the mountains of Ararat. 5 The water decreased steadily until the tenth month; in the tenth month, on the first day of the month, the tops of the mountains became visible.   - NASU       (Bold emphasis added.)

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           Identifying Babel and Its Tower

Last month we presented Dr. Petrovich's second lecture recorded at the IGH conference titled  Identifying the Post Babel Dispersion. We should expect a major dispersion of people after these people found themselves unable to communicate with many of the people around them.
The ability to communicate with all around means that it is relatively easy to make plans and coordinate efforts to the mutual good and to settle disputes. With good communications we have the ability to trust one another. Where there is no ability to communicate there will be no ability to plan, coordinate, settle disagreements, or trust. As a result there is a natural desire to move away from people whom we cannot work with or trust.
Archaeologist should be able to recognize people movements from the changes in artifacts such as pottery, tools, and buildings they leave behind. As people groups migrate they leave an artifact trail that reveals their movements even before the advent of writing or written history. 
Petrovich tells us that the first historical writing occurs after 3000 BC and that archaeology indicates there were two major dispersions of people before that.
The first major dispersion occurred in the Ubaid period which extends from 4000 to 6000 BC. This dispersion is known as the Ubaid Expansion. The second major dispersion occurred in the Uruk period which extends from 3000 to 4000 BC. Petrovich notes that some archaeologist argue convincingly that each expansion had a fundamentally different dynamic.
The Ubaid Expansion took place largely through peaceful spread of an ideology. The Volume of interregional trade was low and population movements were minimal. The Ubaid houses have a characteristic form with a t-shaped central room. The Ubaid Period features the earliest appearance in Mesopotamia of clearly ritualistic architecture.
The Uruk Expansion at around 3400 BC is even more widely distributed than the Ubaid Expansion. Key trading routs extended into the (modern borders of) Turkish upper Euphrates, across northern Syria and northern Iraq and into the Zagros Mountains to the east and some into the northern Levant and Egypt. The Uruk pottery, designed for fast and simple reproduction, spread from southern Mesopotamia around the fertile crescent, down into the Levant and into Egypt.
Uruk colonies are quite distinctive as intrusive sites established rapidly in the midst of local Iranian, Syrian, and southeastern Anatolian cultures. These Uruk cultural sites appeared suddenly in the archaeological record, a pattern quite different from the Ubaid Expansion.
In the late Uruk Habuba Kabira site for example
the immigrants from southern Mesopotamia established a strong foothold at these Syrian Sites, built defensive fortifications , then began to impose their will on the natives who had been residing in these areas. Slingshot bullets of unfired clay were found stockpiled in a chamber of the town gate
The Uruk Expansion fits the post-Babel dispersion quite well where loss of universal communication leads to distrust, conflict, and subjugation. In contrast the Ubaid had peace and cooperation that one would expect from communication through a universal common language. These relationships are a good fit to Biblical narrative surrounding the Babel event.
Dr. Petrovich stated these specific conclusions:
  1. The post-babel dispersion predated the historical period, as only derived languages are attested after the advent of writing. Thus the events is restricted to prehistorical times
  2. During the pre-historical times of Mesopotamian archaeology , only two periods feature evidence f large scale movement of people outward from southern Mesopotamian (only!).
  3. The earlier Ubaid Expansion reflects a gradual migration characterize by a peaceful integration of the immigrants into their ne locations and a clear cultural synthesis.
  4. The later Uruk Expansion reflects a diverse array of migrational models, ranging from segregated but peaceful coexistence, to the founding of new colonies, to full blown invasion and violent supplanting of local populations.
  5. When contrasting the Ubaid and Uruk Expansions, the later expansion displays far more of the characteristics expected of the post-Babel dispersion described in Genesis 11:8.
  6. The chaos generated by people's new found failure to communicate led to relational tensions only relieved by permanently relocating themselves away from one another.
  7.  One would expect some immigrants to found new settlements, some to move to existing sites but live culturally segregated due to the language barrier, and others to attack the local inhabitants who neither understand or welcome them.
  8. Clearly the Uruk Expansion fits as the only logical candidate to match the post-Babel dispersion. One is left, then, to attempt to pinpoint the site where the tower was built.
On October 3rd the GHCA will present Dr Petrovich's third lecture recorded at the IGH Conference in June 2017. His title is Identifying Babel and Its Tower. This presentation will be full of fascinating detail about the development of cities and worship structures through the Ubaid and Uruk periods. We will stop at various points to invite questions and discussion.
Future lectures will identify Joseph and Jacob in Egypt in the years of plenty and famine. Then there will be the identity of Exodus and the pharaoh of that time. The correct identity is a far better fit with the Biblical narrative that the conventional archaeological correlations. Don't miss any of it!

October 3, 2019
Identifying Babel and Its Tower
IGH Lecture recorded by Dr. Doug Petrovich
Houston's First Baptist Church
 7401 Katy Freeway at Post Oak
Room 143,  7  PM

Join us for the adventure of learning and discovery. We will stop for questions and discussion along the way. Bring you questions and comments and invite some friends too.  More information is always on GHCA website:    .

Looking forward to seeing you all,
Frank Mayo 

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Examples of Important YEC Scientific Evidences 

Some major examples of physical evidence we point to include:
  • Remains of original soft tissue still found in dinosaur bones. Along with that tissue is C-14 that would decay completely away in less than a hundred thousand years, a tiny fraction of the dinosaur fossil's supposed age.
  • For many years geologists have found C-14 in fossil carbon throughout the fossil record. So, the entire fossil record is less than 100,000 years old.
  • The origin of the information and molecular machinery in the first living self-reproducing cell remains a complete enigma for biologist and biochemists.
  • In the origin of the universe, big bang theory is being recognized as a dead end by increasing numbers of secular scientists. The hypothesized inflation has nothing to start it, drive it forward, or stop it. Without inflation fatal flaws appear with the absence of predicted antimatter, magnetic monopoles, or any means for the whole universe to come to the same precise background temperature. Then the formation of the first stars is as enigmatic as the origin of the first biological cell. Dark matter and dark energy are as enigmatic as the galactic motions they are needed to explain.
At the root of all standard science are many assumptions that may be quite incorrect. At the top is that there is no God. Another is that present process can be used to explain everything in the past. When we look at a canyon we are taught to assume the river at the bottom cut the canyon. But perhaps tectonic events made the canyon and there is a river at the bottom because water always flows downhill. At the root of big bang theory is a pure assumption that has been named the "Cosmological Principle". Perhaps inaccuracies there are responsible for the big bang's multitude of problems.    
There is more about the role of assumptions in science found on our website here. There are many more resources on young earth and young universe evidences here.

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