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Babies and Children - the Essence of Creativity in Feng Shui
Creativity is free – self-expressive – liberating. Children often have a more pure energy and outlook on the world. Nurturing and empowering spaces can help bring out the creativity in all of us. Find tips from our experts for the child in your life or for the child within.
The Feng Shui / Children and Creativity Gua
" This position of the home [ right hand, middle section facing the home ]  is about limitless thinking. You know, like when you were a kid and thought anything was possible. It’s also about anything to do with the kids. So, to help you get back to that frame of mind, you can make sure the proper enhancements are in this right-hand, midway back part of your home. Come on, get creative! "
Feng Shui for Happy Children
by Brenda Martin

Good feng shui in the bedroom can make a huge difference to a child's behaviour and unique development.

Young children are growing, active, curious and exploring. Their bedroom, with all their personal things, and without angry tigers on red rugs to terrify them, can be carefully arranged to allow them to develop their true potential. Smaller-frame furniture is friendlier and more their size. Too much of the adults and adult-size furniture could make them feel squashed.

7 Tips for Creating Good Feng Shui in Baby's Room
by Kathryn Weber

Getting ready for a new baby requires a lot of thought and planning about everything from what diapers the baby will wear down to the decoration and arrangement of baby’s room. Today’s parents want to create a haven for their little one that will help their baby feel comforted and nurtured, as well as stimulated enough so that they thrive. Increasingly, parents are going beyond the traditional coordinated “theme” rooms and incorporating feng shui to ensure baby not only has an attractive, but also harmonious, environment.

" Feng shui expert and holistic interior architect Anjie Cho says there is an ideal spot, called the commanding position, to place your child's bed [or anyone] to promote restful sleep.

"It's best to have the bed positioned so that you can see the door with the headboard against the far wall. You don’t want the kid to be directly in front of the door. Instead, across the room, diagonal from the door, is typically the most ideal position."
Pinterest "Pin"spiration
Child's Bedroom

#FengShui Child Bedroom: Use neutral colors. Skin tones are best. If you must use pink or blue, try soft pastels or pops of colors as accents. Limit patterns; use a simple striped accent wall. Accent create interest without being overwhelming. As child gets older, allow him to make choices for his room. Guide, but empower. Incorporate their artwork or happy pictures of you with your child. These tokens tell a story to your child that resonate positive feelings and security. @SimplyFeng_Shui (Save this image)

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