Glorious Food and Babies
In the newest blog post for TURN, director Karen Cantor, explores what she has learned from the inspiring Native Women featured in the film about how native foods can benefit babies.

"Imagine being fed fish eggs or having a spoon of bright green nettles come your way.   What makes certain foods yummy?   Has a doting adult played a game of "open the tunnel for the train or "here comes the plane?"
As I work on TURN, a documentary film about Native American women reclaiming their heritages to find health for their communities, two of the featured Native American women - both dietitians, both with young babies - shared the importance of what babies eat." 

This newest post asks the question "Why is it so important to eat Native foods?" Quotes from interviews with Desiree Jackson and Valerie Segrest help illuminate the value of native foods in infant diets. Read the rest of the article by clicking the link below. L et us know your thoughts- we welcome hearing from you.

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Valerie Segrest, 
Muckleshoot (Washington State), is a dietician finding native foods to bring health to all ages.
"Breast milk is the first food.  And how important it is to breastfeed your child. Native American women actually have a really high rate of breastfeeding - a really cool part of our heritage. There are a couple or powwows that are supporting breastfeeding women - you can go and feed with you baby with other women who are also feeding."

Desiree Jackson,
Tlingit (SE Alaska), is a dietician committed to focusing on existing resources as a source of health.

"I've learned that the flavor of the amniotic fluid while pregnant can influence a child's taste preferences as they grow into an adult. And I've learned that traditional foods are important at every life span, every cycle of our life When we look at maternal child health, we want to be eating traditional foods before we even think about getting pregnant because those are really nutrient dense foods that are going to give our body the building blocks to create a healthy baby."

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