In the Middle of a Difficult Year, baby Terrance and his Mom got the Support they Needed
Terrance and Juana are used to facing challenges. When Juana (JAAN-uh) was pregnant, she went into cardiac arrest, was put into a coma, and doctors delivered Terrance at just 26 weeks. Once home, Terrance received Early Supports services from Northwest Center Kids including nutrition, speech, and occupational therapy.
Terrance mastered sitting up, feeding himself, and walking.
Then his mom noticed a change.
When Terrance was 2, his mom noticed he was more withdrawn and speaking less. Northwest Center helped Juana get Terrance assessed by doctors.
"He had classic signs of autism spectrum disorder," Juana recalls.
When Terrance was diagnosed with autism, Northwest Center Kids was there for mom and child.

"They asked me how I was feeling. They told me about their services for kids with autism and that they could help with anything we needed. They said, 'Now we know. And now we can move forward.'"
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Our Early Supports team not only adjusted services to meet Terrance's new needs, but they were also there for Juana when she needed it most. Already navigating new services for her son, a global pandemic, and devastating racial violence in the news, Juana "just broke down" when Terrance began scratching himself, "leaving open wounds and scars."

Juana's team at Northwest Center Kids came through with tools and strategies like weighted blankets and a daily schedule to help Terrance feel more secure. The team also checked in with Juana just to listen, chat, and "let me know that everybody's thinking about me," she says.
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"Northwest Center Kids
was there anytime I needed
to talk, if I needed help with anything. They made sure that they were available."

- Juana, Terrance's mom