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December 13, 2013
Baboon Study: It's a Go!
It's happening! After months of planning and fundraising, we've decided to take the plunge: the last animal study of Vasalgel before human trials. Thanks to 836 generous Vasalgel supporters, $28,136 has been raised for the baboon study study so far. Even though we have not quite reached our goal of $60,000, we have enough to get the study started and will continue to raise funds over the next few months.

Vasalgel's science team has carefully planned every step of the 6-month baboon study. The selection process for the baboons has just started, which includes an extensive review of their history and health. The seven baboons selected for the study will get Vasalgel January 13 and 14, and their sperm counts will be tracked. Later, several of them will have the Vasalgel flushed from their system, and a return to normal sperm flow is expected. Extensive health monitoring will take place throughout the study.

The baboon study is necessary to show safety and efficacy of Vasalgel before clinical trials with humans. The aim is first human trial next year, with a larger trial the year after. But we take the welfare of animals seriously! That is why we sought out a site where the baboons could live outside in large social groups during the study and where they will continue to live after the study is complete. For more about what we're doing to try to change the system and animal care standards from within, see animal welfare.

If you think it's worth paying a little extra to treat the animals right, please help support the baboon study! Even $5 or $10 shows your support. Donation link below.
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Rabbit Reversal Study: Sperm Counts Returning to Normal
At first five, and last week two more, rabbits have participated in the reversal arm of the study in which Vasalgel was removed from the vas deferens (the tube sperm flow through). The rabbits continue to be monitored as their semen parameters return to normal. In less than two months, four of the first five show complete return of sperm count with good sperm motility (movement). The fifth rabbit has a bit lower sperm count so far, which is not surprising; the vas deferens is very thin and fragile in the rabbit, and the researcher had difficulty clearing the vas on one side. We do not expect this difficulty in baboons, which have a much sturdier vas like humans. Meanwhile, the results of the 1-year rabbit effectiveness study are being prepared for publication - stay posted for more details!

Be there for Vasalgel from the beginning. Help us complete the last step before humans, the baboon study:

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