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~ Personal Connections ~
  • Summers Make the Heart Grow Fonder by Aleeza Hulnick
  • Behind the Scenes at Fall Convention by The Tri-Chairs
  • The Convention of a Lifetime by Nathan Moskowitz
  • Ask the RTED
  • Parents Corner by David Weiss
  • Torah Aura by Avi Scheinberg
  • Israel Updates by Jimmy Stluka
  • Chapter Spotlight
  • Behind the Scenes of Seaboard USY
  • Upcoming Events
Summers Make The Heart Grow Fonder
By: Aleeza Hulnick
Class of 2020
Hi Seaboard! For those who don’t know me, my name is Aleeza Hulnick, I am in 11th grade, and this summer I had the amazing opportunity to go on Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage (EEIP) - First Departure 2018. This trip brought me closer to my Jewish identity. In addition, I developed new friendships that I can honestly see lasting forever. When I walked into the airport to meet the rest of Group 4 for the first time, it was very scary because I only knew one other person. As soon as I met the rest of the group, I knew that I would make a whole bunch of new friends and have an amazing summer! During the first two weeks of EEIP, we toured and visited many different concentration camps. In those first two weeks, we became closer as a group because whenever I got overwhelmed and needed a hug, I could look in 27 different directions and someone would always be there for me. I really enjoyed myself in Israel. The connections and friendships that I formed on this trip made everything we did so much more exciting and fun. By the end of the summer, I had made 42 amazing new friends and formed many friendships that have changed my life.
Want to learn more about how you can have a life changing experience in Eastern Europe and Israel or on one of USY many other summer programs? Check out www.usy.org/escape for more information about USY's amazing summer travel opportunities!
Parent's Corner
By: David Weiss
Class of 2021
The most important part of USY to me is the people. Judaism isn’t really a big part of my daily life outside of USY. Even during camp I don’t feel like I connect to the prayers directly, like some other people do. However, I know that Judaism and prayers are important to a lot of my friends. When I’m in a room with my friends at Seaboard, I feel their energy and that brings me closer to the prayers than when I pray alone. I don't feel like I know what half of the words mean, but hearing over 200 voices singing the same words gives me a sense that I am part of something greater. I find singing prayers to be the best part of convention because it brings the entire community together, which makes USY a family.
Thank You Sasha! Message Board
Behind the Scenes at F a l l C o n v e n t i o n
By: Sarah Eisenberg, Austin Kaminow and Jordyn Crane
Fall Convention Tri-Chairs
Convention Prep
Sarah Eisenberg, Class of 2019 & Har Shalom Chapter President
What was the drive to Capital Camps like?
With all the snow the day before we had a few little detours down roads that I didn't even know we're roads, but we all got to sing to the radio get to know each other and in the end all got there safely and in one piece.

What was the first thing you guys did at Capital Camps?
Once we arrived at Capital Camps after the crazy ride up we divide up to put up the room assignments and flush notes, and put the t-shirts in all the rooms. We also finished putting together our binders.

What was the best part of convention prep?
The best part of our convention prep was definitely lunch. We ate bagels, reviewed our programs, and most importantly, got to hag out with Carlos!!!!
Shabbat as a Tri-Chair
Austin Kaminow, Class of 2020 & TIUSY Chapter President
Shabbat as a convention Tri-Chair was very meaningful to me, as it was a time to rest during a very hectic weekend. During the rest of our seemingly short convention we were busy leading programs, and there were some scheduling challenges we needed to deal with, such as Friday's delay. Shabbat has always been an amazing transition from work to rest, but that Shabbat was particularly meaningful, and was a much needed transition.
My Sunday Schedule
Jordyn Crane, Class of 2020
7:45- Kima! aka I was really tired.
8:00- My room danced to music on Hannah’s speaker, and procrastinated getting ready.
8:15- I packed my bag and got dressed in the sweater I wore on the first day because I underpacked...(shocking)
9:00- I went into my hall and sat on a couch with all the juniors. We had a huge cuddle puddle :)
9:15- SSL!! (I was singing drowsingly)
10:45- Sunday morning breakfast with friends. I was still tired, and very hungry.
11:30- Hair Donations!! I sat in the very back of the ballroom and couldn't really see (not a good idea - noted for the future).
12:15- The Fall Festival! I got my Tri-Chair gifts from my room, and put on my Eeyore onesie for the petting zoo.
12:30- I talked to my friends and slightly overheated inside my onesie, but I was very comfortable doing so. I was definitely still tired.
1:15- I sat in the back of the ballroom and hung out with my friends while waiting to give my thank you speech. I was really nervous TBH.
1:30- The other Tri-Chairs and I swapped gifts, and gave our thank you speeches.
1:45- We said our goodbyes and got on the busses. :(
Torah Aura
By: Avi Scheinberg
Class of 2021, AAUSY Chapter President, Tfillot / Ruach Chair
Mikeitz is the third to last parsha in the first book of the Torah. With lies, prophecies, and symbolism, it may even seem like a Shakespeare play at times.

It begins with Joseph imprisoned in Egypt; this is when he interprets Pharaoh’s dream of seven fats cows, being eaten by seven lean cows. Not only does this dream include cows, but it also shows the same thing with ears of corn! This symbolizes how a famine, a seven-year long period where food won’t grow, will come upon Egypt. Joseph advises to Pharaoh to stock up on food so that there will be enough for Egypt when the famine begins. It is during this time where Pharaoh promotes Joseph to be the Governor of Egypt, giving Joseph lots of power. Eventually, Joseph’s brothers arrive, and ask if they can bring some food back to their home, in Canaan. However, while Joseph recognizes his brothers, they do not recognize him. The youngest brother, Benjamin, stayed home with their father Jacob. Since Joseph wanted to see Benjamin, Egypt kept Simeon as a prisoner, until the brothers went back and brought Benjamin. When the brothers bring Benjamin to Joseph, he supplies them with food. The parsha ends when Joseph snuck his goblet into Benjamin’s bag, and as they left, he accused them of stealing it, and kept Benjamin as his slave, while the other brothers went back home.

Miketz translates to “at the end”, which seems fitting to how our Regional Director, Sasha Bloch, is at the end of her time working with our region. Sasha and Joseph, both knew who everyone was, but not everyone necessarily knew who she was. Thankfully, she would never hold any of us as prisoners 😆 , but rather she would always be there to help us with anything we needed. These could be anything as simple as being someone who you can go and talk to. Whether or not you are going to IC, make sure try and find a way to thank our awesome Regional Director for everything she has done for either you or for the region. 
Chapter Spotlight
Beth El Durham, Congregation Beth Emeth & B'nai Israel
Beth El-Durham USY is off to the theater! We're seeing the hit Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen as it ~sets the stage~ for a larger conversation about mental health and the power of youth-led movements for social change. Contact Averyl with questions or buy your tickets now through this quick form !
Happy Hanukkah, Seaboard! Since it’s that time of year again, it’s also time for CuBsEy’s annual Hanukkah gift exchange! Join us tomorrow night , December 9th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm!
Come for some food, friends, and a white elephant gift exchange. Can’t wait to see you there! Don’t forget to bring a wrapped gift for our gift exchange!
Monopoly! Full-building scavenger hunt! Slo-ach! Food! Winner’s glory! Lack of sleep! All this and more can be monopolized on at BIUSY’s Monopoly Lock-In from 12/8 @ 9:15 pm - 12/9 @ 8:00 am! 

Disclaimer: You may or may not get winner’s glory. Come and see for yourself.
Want your chapter's events to highlighted in the Seaboarder? We want to highlight it! Contact our Seaboarder editors for more information on how your chapter's events can get shout outs here!
The Convention of a Lifetime
By: Nathan Moskowitz
Class of 2019, CuBsEy Chapter President, Social Action Chair
International Convention is honestly such a great experience and I cannot recommend it enough. IC in general is an amazing opportunity to make friends all across North America. IC Dallas was my personal favorite. Since many of my friends didn’t go, I was pushed out of my comfort zone and met some incredible new people. My biggest piece of advice for anyone going to IC is to not only hang out with other Seaboard USYers. Even though I love our region, IC is a place to meet people from other places. Take advantage of every second with your new friends from far away because you have a limited amount of time with them. The Pre-Conventions are often my favorite because they are smaller and more intimate so you get to meet a new group of people from the host region. I’m so excited to finally see my distant friends again as I head to my last International Convention and can't wait to make it the best one yet!
Ask the RTED
What has been your favorite memory as RTED?
By: Sasha Bloch
Seaboard Regional Teen Engagement Director 2015-2018
It’s so hard to pick just one memory as my favorite from the past three years of being Seaboard’s Regional Director. Seaboard USY & Kadima is such a special community that I have loved being a part of. Rather than picking just one memory, here’s a few highlights that stand out:
  • Whole convention dance parties: Being a part of a 180 person dance party to “Sieben Sieben” is absolutely amazing!
  • Seaboard Tisch & Slo-ach: As a USYer, slo-ach was always one of my favorite parts of convention. Even as a staff and Regional Director, having everyone coming together to sing such beautiful words at the top of their lungs is really powerful. Besides, I'll admit it, a couple of extra rounds of “Nachamu" never hurt anyone!
  • Road trips: Whether I was driving a van full of USYers to North Carolina, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, or camp, it has been so much fun to get to spend quality time singing, chatting, doing Wawa and Sheetz runs, and visiting so many wonderful places!
  • Getting to know all of you: We all know that USY is about the friendships and relationships that we make. Having the opportunity to get to know and learn from so many incredible USYers, Kadimaniks, staff members, lay leaders, volunteers, and alum has hands down been the best part of this experience. Seaboard is a truly special place because of what each and every one of YOU bring to it and I just feel so lucky to have gotten to be a part of it!
I’m looking forward to my “last hurrah” with Seaboard USY at International Convention in just a few weeks, but know that this is not “good-bye,” but a “see ya later!” Our USY friendships and relationships last beyond our time in USY and I hope that you all will stay in touch!

“Nachamu, nachamu…” 💙⛵⚓
Make your summer #myUSYSummer!
For more than 55 years USY Summer Experience has provided life-changing summer travel opportunities...

Our trip destinations include North America, Israel, Europe, and beyond, opening participants eyes to new places, experiences, and different cultures all over the globe.

Now it's your turn, see where it takes you!
Behind the Scenes of Seaboard USY
By: Julia Feldman Regional President
and Hannah Altman Regional Communication Vice President
Hey Seaboard! The regional liaisons and I are getting ready to plan the sub-regional events happening on January 12th! At the moment, we’re thinking of having a Havdallah Across Seaboard, so keep an eye out for more information! We hope to see you all there! :) Also, if you know of any Jewish events in the area, please let us know about them in the Seabaord Region Facebook group, so we can try to attend. If you FB Message or DM Seaboard USY a picture of yourself attending an event in the Jewish community, you may be featured on Seaboard’s social media! Let’s build bridges with the rest of our community! #buildingbridges
Hiya Seaboard! Over the past few months the Comm RGB and I have been working super hard on a handful of new initiatives, as well as brainstorming ideas to make Seaboard's communication more inclusive and personal. Most notably, we rolled out a few new initiatives for Fall Convention. These included a Flush Notes Survey where USYers could submit content for the flush notes, the Questions and COMMpliments board, Seaboarder Staff Q+A, and a Collaborative Playlist.
The Athletics Chairs and I came up with some new ideas to integrate USY & Kadima Basketball into the rest of Seaboard, and are really excited for the upcoming season! Finally, the Comm RGB and I have came up with a ton of new and innovative ideas, so keep an eye out for a bunch of exciting things coming soon! If you have any ideas, or want to find out how you can be more involved in our communications, please reach out to me here!
Upcoming Events
  • December 20th - 23rd in Charleston, SC
  • Register at the same time as IC registration!

  • December 23rd - 27th in Orlando, FL
  • Join over 750 USYers from all across North America for a 5 day long convention in Sunny Orlando
  • For more information, or to register, head to usy.org/IC!
  • Grades 6-12
  • Sundays in January - March 2018
  • Frost Middle School, Rockville, MD
  • Registration now open at regpacks.com/Seaboard1819!
Sub-Regional USY Events
  • 9th-12th
  • Saturday, January 12th
  • Multiple events help across the region, more information TBA!
  • Registration coming soon!