Baby Shower
We've Changed the Dates!
Yikes! We've been so busy taking care of all our new Spring babies, we've gotten a little behind with the Baby Shower planning!

We are experts at rehabilitating wildlife - videography for a virtual event, not so much! We've decided to change up the format a bit so you can learn about your wildlife neighbors and what we need to care for them.

Mark your calendars for April 3 - 10, 2021!

We will be sending out emails, social media posts, and posts on our website each day for one week, beginning April 3rd, 2021, which will highlight a special animal species and share what it takes to rehabilitate these animals and what specific supplies we need to care for them!

Be on the look-out for your favorite animals and help us raise critical funds to care for all the Spring babies and stock-up on supplies to meet their needs!

The big finale` will be Stock-Up on Supplies Saturday featuring a Drive-Thru "Fill the Trailer" (with supplies and donations) Fundraiser at The Nest. Drop off your supplies and/or donations between 10:00 and 2:00 on Saturday, April 10, 2021 and help us stock-up on all the needed supplies!
Sassy Squirrel Saturday

Saturday, April 3rd
BUNday Sunday

Sunday, April 4th
Marsupial Monday

Monday, April 5th
Turtle Tuesday

Tuesday, April 6th
Wildlife Wednesday

Wednesday, April 7th
Nestling Mourning Dove
Bird Day Thursday

Thursday, April 8th
Foxy Friday

Friday, April 9th
Stock-Up Saturday
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Saturday, April 10th
Thank Who-Who?
Thank YOU, that's WHO!