It's Turtle Tuesday!
Brake for Turtles
Turtle Lifespan
Turtle Eggs
Where do we begin! Turtles are by far one of the most fascinating, unique and absolutely amazing animals to walk and swim on this earth. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting a turtle, you probably noticed that the bulk of its body is encased within its shell. The anatomy of the shell is quite complex, and differs by species. The majority of turtles native to South Carolina have a shell that is fused together by dozens of bony plates called scutes. A single scute can showcase vibrant colors, intricate patterns and immense complexity. It is hard to imagine how so much beauty can be packed in to a thin layer of keratin that sheds off in some species.

All species of turtles, even sea turtles dig a nest and lay their eggs on land. Once the eggs are carefully deposited in the nest, mom leaves and never comes back. The babies are born to be self-sufficient right out of the egg. How they know what to do the second they are born is quite mystifying.

Turtles need our help! Due to illegal trafficking and habit loss, turtles are slowly, but surely diminishing from the wild. Can you envision a world without turtles? Us neither!

Brake for turtles and help them cross the road in the direction they were headed. Turtles have an impressive homing instinct, relocating a turtle or turning it in a different direction can be quite devastating for that animal. If you find an injured turtle, immediately take it to a local reptile rehabilitator and make note of the exact location found. Please don’t take healthy turtles out of the wild. There are so many that need homes, especially Red Eared Sliders. If you are interested in adopting a Red Eared Slider, please send Julie an email
Louie the Leucistic Snapping Turtle
Florida Cooter
Eastern Box Turtle
Feeding Time!

The turtle in this video is so excited because it is feeding time!
He is a River Cooter.
He is one of the babies that we hatched last year from a mom who laid eggs while in rehab.

They will be released soon!

Fun Facts about Turtles

  • Turtles have one of the longest lifespans in the animal kingdom; some can easily reach 100+ years old

  • Not all turtles are tortoises, but all tortoises are turtles

  • Turtles are ectotherms, meaning they are dependent upon external sources to maintain and alter their body temperature.

Turtle Release - I'm Home!
Turtle Supplies We Need!
Items needed to care for Turtles include:
75 Watt Zoomed Reptile Basking Bulbs, Insects (Meal Worms, Wax Worms, Canadian Night Crawlers, Horn Worms), Whisper Filter Cartridges, Ecoearth, Magnaturals Rock Ledge, Forest Floor Bedding, Reptisun UVB Bulbs, Steri-Strip
Telfa Non-Adherent Dressing, Zoomed Turtle Tub, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Items can be purchased from our AmazonSmile Charity Wishlist

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Our Baby Shower Event helps raise critically needed funds and stock-up on supplies to care for and rehabilitate all our Spring Babies! Last year was a record breaking year with the admission of over 5,000 animals and this year is looking to be as well!

We can't thank you enough for giving so generously to help give our wildlife neighbors a second chance at life!


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