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A joystick and wheels help tiny tots get into mischief
A motorized chair that a baby with disabilities controls with a joystick to explore their environment was named one of the best inventions of 2021 by Time magazine. We interview one of the designers.
Emily Ladau's new book makes the world of disability accessible
Demystifying Disability is a fabulous primer on how disability influences identity and ways to think and talk about it.
Holland Bloorview is training Ethiopia's first developmental pediatrician
'What you're doing here is the best in the world. I want to be in the best place and get the best possible knowledge.'
Inaccessible diagnostic equipment puts Ryerson student's health at risk
'I deserve equal care,' says Rosie Isabella, after she couldn't access a mammogram machine. 'What if something is missed?'
A child's gifts and passions are more important than any label
'What delights you about your child?' is a great question for clinicians to ask parents, says Dr. Temple Grandin in a new book.
Exactly the same happens here (How cities disabled people who move differently). Kids with disabilities leave school early because it's convenient for the bus company, not because it's what's right for students. Start late, leave early. This has long-term consequences for learning, social inclusion and academic success.
Dr. Jennifer Baumbusch, Associate Professor, UBC Nursing

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Skin-care brand introduces accessible lid
Olay worked with disabled consumers to develop a new, easy-to-use lid with wings and a raised top for better grip, and a Braille label. We were disappointed that they didn't make it standard on products. It has to be ordered separately online.
Mayaan makes the world more inclusive
Mayaan Ziv, founder and CEO of Access Now, was recognized as one of Canada's top 40 under 40. Her social enterprise shares information about the accessibility of places worldwide.
'Twelve-year-old Melody Brooks, from Draper's bestselling award winner Out of My Mind (2010), returns. As the school year ends, her classmates are full of their plans for summer camp, and Melody wonders if there could be a camp that is accessible for her; she uses a wheelchair and an assistive communication device. After getting brochures from the library, Melody convinces her parents to overcome their concerns and enroll her in Camp Green Glades.' For ages 9-13.
Kirkus Reviews
'The latest book in the Questioneer series centres an African American boy who has dyslexia. Roberts' characteristic cartoon illustrations open on a family of six that includes two mothers of colour, children of various abilities and racial presentations, and two very amused cats.' For ages 5-8.
Kirkus Reviews
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