June 7 - 28, 2020

A Virtual Chamber Music Festival

A Warm Virtual Greeting!

We're heartbroken we won't be able to perform for you in person this summer. But never fear! We are channeling the Inextinguishable Flame of BDDS to bring you a fabulous virtual festival entitled Bach's Lunch.

From Sunday, June 7, through Sunday, June 28, we will send three short virtual BDDS concerts every week––Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday––together with brief interviews with some of your favorite BDDS artists!
On Sunday, June 7th, we kick off Bach's Lunch at noon by sending you our BDDS e-newsletter, containing a short interview with Stephanie and Jeffrey, and a brief concert featuring the dynamic duo, and a taste of what's to come. Please share it widely with friends and family!

After that, each concert will feature one of our outstanding artists playing a solo work by Johann Sebastian Bach recorded in their home. Each artist will sit for a short interview by Stephanie and Jeffrey, and we'll include a link to the artist's selection of one of our archived YouTube performances. Featured artists will include Stephanie Sant'Ambrogio, Jean-Michel Fonteneau, Alan Kay, Adrian Morejon, Beth Rapier, Anthony Ross, Axel Strauss, and Carmit Zori. Never in the history of the world has a finer cast been assembled!

We'd love to hear what you think, and even more than that, we'd love to hear what questions you might have for these artists! Get your questions to Samantha by clicking here and we'll slip them into our interviews if we can.

On Sunday, June 28, we have a grand finale planned––and it is very grand indeed, so stay tuned!
You Have Our Undying Gratitude!

So many of you have shown concern and support for us at this time. We're profoundly grateful and can't wait to be together with you in person when it's time.

Friends of the Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society
Fan the Flames ($2,500 and above)  
Martha & Charles Casey
Linda & Keith Clifford
Carl & Mary Gulbrandsen
Paula & David Kraemer
Sandy & Jun Lee
Elsebet Lund & Jim Dahlberg
Richard Miller and family, in loving memory of Louise O’Donnell Miller
Dave Myers, in memory of Daniel
Thomas Reps & Fran Wong
Miriam Simmons, in memory of James Cain
Sarah Siskind & Joel Rogers
Norma & Elliott Sober
Virginia Sykes
Ellen White & Eric Sutter
Thomas Terry
Anne & Peter Wadsack
M.J. Wiseman

Pyrotechnics ($1,250-$2,499)
Michael Bridgeman & Jack Holzhueter
Sue Cleary-Koch
Zorko Greblo & Linda Clauder
Barbara Johnson
Katherine Naherny & Roger Ganser
Joan Daniels Pedro
Claire Ann & Michael Richman
Vicki & Jerry Stewart
Daphne Webb
The Dynamite Club ($500-$1,249)
David Ahmann
Dan Baumann
Larry Bechler, in memory of Patty Struck
Joyce Brehm & Sandy Quayle
Ellen Brothers
Carla & Michael Di Iorio
Terry Haller
Pat Henson
Ronnie Hess & Ron Rosner
Ed Krinsky & Mary Jane Armstrong
Carla & Dick Love
Orange & Dean Schroeder
David Sharpe
Toni Sikes
Amy & Alex Squitieri
Axel Strauss
Mark & Sarah Sundquist
Joseph Varga
George & Dorothy Zografi

Skyrockets ($200-$499)
Alan Attie & Jean Feraca
Anne Bachner
Young & Chung Bae
John Beutel
Don & Carola Breckbill
Fred & Wendy Coleman
Linda Donnelly
Alexandra & William Dove
Jane Eisner
William & Mary Foltz
Carl & Sheila Getto
Sue Goldwomon
Bernard Hlavac
Kathleen Hoover
Harriet Irwin
Monica Jaehnig
Roberta Johnson
Karen Koch & Don McCarty, in honor of Sue Cleary-Koch
Diane Kostecke & Nancy Ciezki
Sally Leong
Marsha Lindsay & Richard Stone
Kato Perlman
Barbara Prindiville
William & Jeanne Rayne
James Samsal
Bob & Suzanne Smith
Jacob Stockinger
John Stott & Patricia Sanford
Don & Joanna Thompson
Teri Venker
Jane & Michael Voichick
Jane & Glenn Watts
Frances Weinstein
Paul Wilhite
Firecrackers ($100-$199)
Donald Aitken
Karen & Dan Atwood
Jean Bae & Gregg Kissel
Tino Balio
Sandra Black
Jan & Dennis Blakeslee
Joshua Chover
Susan & Don Clapp
Betty Cohen
James Danky & Christine Schelshorn
Molly Day & John Himmelfarb
Louise Elbaum
Laurie Elwell & Richard Niess
Kristine Euclide & Douglas Steege
Cynthia Felver
Heidi & Marshall Fields
Steven & Ruth Fortney
Janice Golay
Robert & Linda Graebner
Alan Kay
Judith Kimble & Marvin Wickens
Rolf & Bonnie Knittel
Henry Koc
Kathryn Lederhause & Daryl Sherman
Leon Lindberg
Elaine Meizlish & Barbara Radov
Hiram & Patricia Nowlan
Fred & Mary Ross
John & Sarah Schaffer
Russell & Susan Shafer-Landau
Ruth & Richard Schauer
Erica Serlin & Ken Kushner
Virginia Shannon
JoAnn Six
Carol Stevenson
Millard & Barbara Susman
Jerry & Mary Tucker
Emely Verba-Green & Ben Green
Jane & Glenn Watts
Robin Whyte
Martha & Michael Young

Sparklers ($1-$99)
Nancy Abraham
Katherine Ahern
Linda Clauder, in memory of Marna King
Nancy Dast
Sheila Harrsch
Jan & Maria Heide
Charles Hill
Stefanie Jacob 
Maija Maki-Laurila
Michelle Martin
Gary & Carol Moseson
Nancy Mohs
Betty Scott
Judy Siegfied
Michael Sprinker
Elaine Strassburg
Ruth Tsotsis
Harvey & Bonnie Wendel

Susan B. Horwitz Memorial Fund
Anne & Peter Wadsack

Anne Stoelting Memorial Fund
Anne & Peter Wadsack

Fannie Taylor Memorial Fund
Barbara Furstenberg
Anne & Peter Wadsack

Corporate, Foundation, and Government Support  
The Baskerville
Dane Arts, with additional support from the Evjue Foundation, the charitable arm of  The 
Capital Times
Madison Arts Commission
Madison Community Foundation
Stafford Rosenbaum LLP, Attorneys
Wisconsin Arts Board, with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National 
Endowment for the Arts

Special Thanks
Ainsworth & Partners, Inc.
Kris Knight/WellAware Life Enhancement Center
Murphy Desmond S.C., Lawyers
Henrique Nardi
Evan Richards
Smart Motors
Eric Sutter & Ellen White
Future Fund
Contributors to our Bach to the Future Campaign to sustain
BDDS's artistic leadership into the future
Larry Bechler
Michael Bridgeman
Martha & Charles Casey
Linda & Keith Clifford
Dane Arts*
Rosemary & Lee Jones
Sandy & Jun Lee*
Richard Miller
David & Paige Polet
Claire Ann & Michael Richman
Sarah Siskind & Joel Rogers*
Norma & Elliott Sober
Joseph Varga
Teri Venker
*$10,000 and above 
Questions? Email or call BDDS 608.255.9866

We are doing our best to support one another during this crisis and we thank you for your support and kind thoughts.

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