Jeffrey Wm Hunt   
6 x 9 hardcover
48 images * 27 maps 
336 pages

Mark F. Bielski
6 x 9 paperback
4 maps * 185 images
192 pages


Dwight Sturtevant Hughes
6 x 9 paperback
11 maps * 153 images
192 pages


Robert M. Dunkerly and Doug Crenshaw  
6 x 9 paperback   
3 maps * 200 images
192 pages

Michael C. Harris
6 x 9 hardcover
27 maps * 48 images
528 pages

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Libri Novi - April 2021
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Ms. Kenya Savas

My Fellow Book Lovers, 

Mom and pop are back from their dive trip/honeymoon! Yes, I hated being left behind. So . . . I dug through their dive gear while they were sleeping. When they came down for coffee this morning, this is what they found:


Pop: "What the . . ."

Me: "I am going with you next time."

Mom (laughing): "I don't think so. You're a dog. You can't even swim--remember? You sink."

Me: "I can wear fins and use a snorkel."

Pop: "Put the gear away or you lose your Milk Bones for a week."

Me (growling): "You haven't heard the last of this."

Mom: "Of course we haven't. It's something new every day with you!"

I will keep working on them. Meanwhile, the SB ladies completely defaced Pop's office with (gag me) cat graffiti. He walked in this morning and found this:

There is so much cat hair in here that I am burping up fur balls. Trust me, revenge IS coming, but it is a dish best delivered cold. Plans already swirl through my devious pit bull mind...


Hard to believe it has been about 13 months already. It was a touch-and-go year for a while, and I know Pop says his thanks every day for all the direct support and the enthusiastic reception of our reprint program. AND . . . direct ordering is a major way to support independent publishing and authors. As Pop is fond of saying, "Amazon doesn't care about YOU, or WHAT you read, and doesn't need your support. Savas Beatie does."

He isn't kidding.


Many people have entered the CW hobby and study over the past 20 years, and many of the really outstanding must-have volumes were printed in small numbers and can't be obtained today for a reasonable price. SB is going to remedy that. 

We are teeing up the following (no dates yet):

1. The Antietam Official Records (vol. 19, pts. 1 and 2);
2. Bigelow's classic Chancellorsville in a special limited edition with COLOR MAPS; 
3. Ken Bandy's The Gettysburg Papers in a 2 vol. set.

and a dozen others being considered . . . stay tuned.

The Bachelder Maps

Proofs approved, maps ship TO YOU on or about April 15 with a SPECIAL GIFT as a way of saying thank you for all your support. And no, it is not a free book. It is something . . . else. :) 

SHIPPING will be $14.00 (but we will give you a $5.00 online credit + SB reward points). COVID has wreaked havoc on certain types of shipping and packages. Shipping in a heavy tube has dramatically increased in the past 60 days, especially overseas. We had estimated $5 - 7.00, but it will be about $14.00 (no handling charges, ever).


Remember that survey several hundred of you took three months ago? Well, the BIG NEWS breaks next month's newsletter . . . stay tuned.

Loving Woofs,

Miss Kenya

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March Madness Tournament of Books Concludes  

Thanks to all our reader fans and authors who participated in the 3rd Annual Savas Beatie Sweet 16 Tournament of Books! It was another fun-filled competition with hundreds of votes, close contests, and some surprising advancers. We conclude our competition today with this extended offer.

THIS WEEK ONLY: Use coupon code TOB to get 25% off ALL 16 books this championship week! Yes, you read that correctly, every book in the image below!

Thanks for playing . . . and see you next season!

Don't miss out on these new releases!

History has not devoted a great deal of attention to the fall of New Orleans, a Civil War drama that was an early harbinger of the dark days to come for the Confederacy. This new ECW title tells of the leaders and men who fought for control of New Orleans, the largest city in the South, the key to the Mississippi, and the commercial gateway for the Confederacy.

Hunt's third installment in his award-winning Meade and Lee series is grounded upon official reports, regimental histories, letters, newspapers, and other archival sources. Together, they provide a day-by-day, and sometimes minute-by-minute, account of the Union army's first post-Gettysburg offensive action and Lee's efforts to repel it.
New in Audio and a Contest!
We are pleased to announce that "Too Much for Human Endurance": The George Spangler Farm Hospitals and the Battle of Gettysburg  by Ron Kirkwood is now available on audio.

The Spangler story is the rare important Gettysburg tale that has never been told. Kirkwood argues that the 
George Spangler farm was the most important farm in the Battle of Gettysburg, revealing factors that have long been overlooked. No farm played a greater strategic and logistical role than George Spangler's in the outcome of the most important battle fought in the Civil War. It's time for the important story of the Spanglers, their land, their neighborhood and a key part of the battle to finally be told in full. 

Take a listen for yourself and immerse yourself in life at the Spangler Farm.

To get your FREE audio copy, answer this trivia question:

What Confederate General lost his life at the Spangler Farm hospital?

Email your answer to Winners will be chosen at random.

Bachelder Maps Update--SHIPPING APRIL 15!
We can't believe we are saying this, but it looks like the Bachelder Maps will be ready to ship this month! With that said, the SB ladies have been hard at work prepping the office and doing all the behind the scenes paperwork which will hopefully get these maps out the door and into your hands quickly and efficiently.

With that said, if you have not already given us credit card or payment info for your set of maps, please call our office with those details. Many of you pre-ordered multiple items, so we may already have your card info or know how you plan to pay. If you are not sure if we have your card details, please email and Lisa will let you know.

SHIPPING: $14.00 (with a $5.00 online credit back to you). COVID has wreaked havoc on certain types of shipping and packages. Shipping in a heavy tube has dramatically increased in the past 60 days, especially overseas. We had estimated $5-7, but it will be $14.00 (no handling charges, ever) and if you have an account, you get $5.00 back AND the SB reward points. :)
A Look Inside a Customer Library - John R.

Our customer, John, was very happy to share his library and his love of history with us. 
We asked him to answer the following questions. Take it away, John!
1.) How old were you when you got the Civil War "bug" and when did you begin collecting Civil War books? 
I got the Civil War bug back in 1990. On a suggestion by some family friends that we go to Gettysburg, we went. I was 10-years-old, and the rest is history. I still remember the first monument I ever read was the 55th OH at the corner of Taneytown and Steinwehr. My collection of Civil War books is more recent though. There is a great podcast out there called The Civil War, 1861-1865: A History Podcast. Rich and Tracy, from Colorado, do an amazing job of telling the story of the war. They started actually back at the Missouri Compromise. At the end of each of their episodes, they would give a book recommendation. From there my Amazon list just continued to grow. I started not only buying the Civil War era, but all the way back to Jamestown. Now I primarily buy from my local used book store, thriftbooks, Savas Beatie, and Jim Schmick's Civil War and More in Mechanicsburg, PA.
2.) How many books do you have and how do you organize your library? 
I counted 570 books that I own. There are a bunch of smaller magazine style books that I have that I did not count. If we count them, then I am over 600. The Civil War era definitely has the most. Between biographies, primary sources, general histories, campaigns, and more, it is the dominant period of my collection. The way I have my books arranged is a labor of love. Biographies and primary sources are separated by Union and Confederate. I have a Lincoln section which is small, but my chronology section has quite a few Lincoln books as well. Then there is my pride and joy, the chronology section. If you are looking at the pictures, starting under the champagne glasses, I have books on Jamestown, and the Mayflower. Starting there I have a running chronology of events throughout American history. Colonial times, through the Revolutionary War, Jacksonian period, and the lead up to the Civil War. From there my books run through the Civil War from Lincoln's election to his assassination. Is it a perfect chronology? No. Many times, especially during the Civil War, things happened at the same time. So I placed them as close as possible. Sometimes a series of books are separated because even though an author wrote about a particular campaign (Rhea's Overland Campaign is a good example), things happened during that. Like I have Valley Thunder in between the Spotsylvania and North Anna books. It was not easy to do, hence the labor of love.
3.)  I have the most books on _______ (topic or subject), and the count is up to ______.
I may catch some flack for this, but I have to say unfortunately I have the most books on Gettysburg. I have 51 books on the big battle. I think for anyone that studies the Civil War, Gettysburg is the dominant campaign with the most written about it. What makes me happy is there is so much new work coming out on smaller campaigns. There so much more to the war than three days in July of 1863. By no means is my Gettysburg collection stopping. I am just glad there is more work coming out about other moments of the war. Examples being Hunt's forgotten fall work, Wittenberg and Powell's Tullahoma, and Wittenberg's West Virginia study. These are just examples of periods or moments that need to be out there to fill in the gaps.
4.) If you had to pick a special favorite collectible/rare/special book in your collection, what is it and how did you come to acquire it?
Well, what Savas Beatie does for reprinting cherished works, I have to thank you. The Bachelder Papers, Ed Bearss's Vicksburg trilogy, the Gettysburg O.Rs., these are all amazing and keep it coming. If I had to pick one it would not be any of them. On my birthday of July 8, 2019, my local roundtable, The Rappahannock Valley Civil War Roundtable, hosted Ed Bearss as our guest speaker. July was always Ed's month to come to us. Little did we know that this would have been the final visit. We have a book raffle every meeting and one of my tickets hit. I got the entire set of the 1861 O.Rs. Between hearing Ed talk in person (this was the only time I got to hear Ed in person) and getting the 1861 O.Rs, I have to say that is my favorite special book or collection. Being all that happened on my birthday adds to it.
5.) I collect Civil War books because... is a period of American history that needs to be told. As a guide in Fredericksburg, I have a responsibility to tell the stories of all figures, North, South, civilian, or politician, objectively, and to educate the folks that take my tours. These books enhance my own education and give me that chance to enhance others that want to learn more about the Civil War.
April Kindle Deals

Exciting news! We have THREE books selected for Kindle deals this month! Be sure to put these on your e-readers before the deals expire. Happy reading!
Battle Digests Now in Digital
Fantastic news for the Battle Digests! Eleven titles from this series are now ebooks! Now an even more convenient way to obtain clear, concise details of historic battles. The Battle Digest summary includes all the key aspects of the campaign and battle, including maps, images, and lessons learned.

Find a selection of ebooks below:

Getting to know Audio Narrator Bob Neufeld
This  month, we are changing things up a bit. Ever wonder who is the face behind the voice of your favorite audio book? Well, we may take away a bit of this mystery this month as we feature, Bob Neufeld who narrates a number of our ECW titles as well as our latest audio release, "Too Much For Human Endurance".

Take it away Bob...

1.) How long have you been an audio book narrator?
- I've been narrating off and on for about 10 years. Most of that was
as a volunteer narrating books in the public domain. I recorded
everything from Dickens and Lovecraft to Emerson and Plato to the
Brothers Grimm. Some of the books I would never do as an American
professional (British fiction, for example), but it gave me the
opportunity to learn how to do this narration thing, slowly upgrade
my recording environment/gear, and build an audience.
More recently, I've been working as a professional, which led me to
Savas Beatie.
2.) Why do you like narrating?
- I love narrating for several reasons. First, the performer in me is invigorated and challenged by the story telling. Books are stories to be told. That's obvious for fiction, but it's also true for non-fiction, especially history. In college and with community groups, I've done a lot of theater and opera over the years. I hope that experience pays off when I get into the booth.
Second is something I'm sure I share with authors. It's an ego/immortality thing, I suppose. I like the idea that a very long time from now (maybe forever), people will be able to enjoy and learn from the work I've done.
Finally, I get to learn a lot of new things. Whether going deeper into subjects I have some knowledge of or being introduced to new ones, I enjoy the expansion we all get from reading, listening and discussing.
And I get paid for it!
3.) What is your favorite genre?
- I like to do a variety of genres. My voice and style lend themselves particularly well to non-fiction. There is a bit of gravitas that can come though with a low male voice like mine. That's fine with me given the learning opportunities. This year, I'll be adding to that by getting back into the public domain world. Along with current titles the publishers send me, I'm planning a wide range of PD titles in fiction (children's books, westerns, noir, adventure, Russian lit.) and non-fiction (philosophy, the ancient historians). 
4.) Although you have narrated other titles for us, what do you like best about narrating the Emerging Civil War books?
- The Emerging Civil War books work so well for me as a narrator because they have all the above elements. I knew a fair amount about the Civil War before I started them, probably a bit less than the average history buff. I learned so much from those books. For example, I had surface knowledge of the Wilderness battle, but had no idea of what an inferno it became and how horribly the men on both sides suffered and died. At times, it was difficult to keep composure and a steady voice in the booth. Also, the ECW books are all well written. Believe me, it is much easier to narrate a well-written book. The sentences flow, you can look ahead a bit as you're reading, which reduces mistakes, and in the end, it is much less tiring. Last, it's a cliché, but there is something about the Civil War that pulls you in, that makes you want to dig deeper and find out more. The ECW books, since each focuses on one event, make that possible in a relatively short time. I thoroughly enjoyed recording them.  
Excerpt Central!
ExcerptsDid you know we have excerpts posted on our website? Here are a few, and from now on we will have a list right here for you to view. 
Mike Harris,
Eric Wittenberg and David Powell,
Edwin C. Bearss,
David and Audrey Ladd, eds,
John Bachelder,
Author Events

We have many author events on the books (many of which are virtual!). Be sure to click here to see our full author event calendar.

Under Contract
  • The Summer of '63 Gettysburg: Favorite Stories and Fresh Perspectives from the Historians at Emerging Civil War, edited by Chris Mackowski and Dan Welch
  • The Summer of '63 Vicksburg and Tullahoma: Favorite Stories and Fresh Perspectives from the Historians at Emerging Civil War, edited by Chris Mackowski and Dan Welch
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