Quarter 2 / 2019

Make Your Quality Stand Out

Getting The Best From 9001

It never does any harm to review the reasons why you decided to go in a certain direction.  So easy to forget the basics and end up lost. 
This publication reviews the whys and wherefores for implementing ISO 9001 and you could make good use of it as an awareness tool for your staff, especially new employees. 
Click the picture to access it and read on . . . . . 
Delighted to Sponsor the Connect Yorkshire Summit

Delighted to announce that the ISO 9001 Support Centre is one of the select companies to be sponsoring this event. It takes place on November 21st from 9 - 4:30 at the Edge, 34 Endcliffe Crescent, Sheffield, S10 3ED

There is a full day's programme from some of the best Yorkshire based companies as well as entrepreneurs plus the oportinuty for break-out sessions as well. I shall be putting my stand together so come along for a chat.

Ironically, the venue is on the site of the old halls of residence for Sheffield University where I was based in late sixties - what goes around comes around eh. I know, I surely can't be that old! Hope to see you there. Click the picture for full details of the programme and how to reserve your seat.

NOTE: I will have a couple of complimentary tickets so let me know here if you are interested.,

Can't Believe This 9001 Advice Is From 2012 Yet It Still Applies Despite The  Transition

I was lucky enough with my previous company to get this article printed in the Yorkshire Post back in 2012. I remember the conversation well with the business team. 

Would you be interested in some top tips relating to ISO 9001 for local businesses? Er, what exactly is that then?

Needless to say I jumped at the chance! Click through to see the original, somewhat  battered, copy. Click download and it will view it on screen for you.

Also proves, if you don't ask then you don't get. A handy tip for fellow advisors and consultants.

It's Not That Difficult To Go With The Flow

Travelling around from site to site as I do, I see numerous versions and styles of QMS documents. It is staggering how many are still the text-based tome that runs on for page after page.
There are some attempts to do flow charts but they invariably don't show ownership actually within the chart and seem to be structured to achieve the priority to fit it all on one piece of paper this making it difficult to follow.
I prefer the 'swimming lane' approach as this has the owners of the tasks across the top and, by definition, then moves around the owners so you get a clear picture on who has it and when.
There is a very clear means of checking your chart out by the way. If it looks complicated and too messy to follow - then it is! Take the opportunity to streamline it so people by into it. Also don't forget to get both the process owner and the QA person to 'Authorise' and 'Approve it' respectively. It is amazing what that little request does for ownership. Click the picture to get your hands on a generic template for the Purchasing to Goods Inward process that you can modify once you have downloaded it. I should add that the preview isn't brilliant so do go for the download option.
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So, till next time, make your quality stand out!

Pete Thornton-Smith B.Met, C.Eng, CQP, IOM3