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September 2020  

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Dear Summit Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back to school! We hope this school year is off to a smooth start as we continue to adapt to a remote learning environment. During the first few weeks of school, your kids were given our annual Back to School letter to bring home. In case you missed it, we want to bring your attention to the letter, update you on the many emergency grants we've approved, and ask for your support. 

During the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, teachers turned to SEF. In the spring, we quickly reviewed and approved emergency grants to ensure continued learning, infusing significant funds into schools in support of innovative and remote learning. Planned grants for guest speakers pivoted to online forums, such as New Kid author, Jerry Craft, and a virtual dive with an Australian aquarium. We continued approving emergency grants over the summer and into the fall as the needs of teachers and students evolved. 

As of today, SEF has approved nine emergency grants totaling $95,063. These grants provided financial support for online learning programs (Learning Ally, Gizmo, Membean, Formative, and Parlay), state-of-the-art equipment for teachers (Amplification Systems and Document Cameras), resources to support FLASH At-Home, as well as a SNAP grant to provide creative activities designed to enhance reading, writing and problem solving skills for at-risk students in grades 1 through 5. 


The mission of the Summit Educational Foundation is to ensure that all students receive the best education possible by encouraging creativity and innovation. Since 1986, SEF has funded initiatives to help ensure academic excellence in the Summit Public Schools. We are comprised of parents and community members - people committed to providing the best public school education possible for our children. Each year, more than 100 volunteers give their time and talent to help advance our mission and about 600 families make financial contributions.


SEF has invested nearly $8 million in science, math, literacy, technology, and arts  education.

  • Approved nearly 450 grants totaling $2.3 million in the last five years alone.
  • Awarded 42 grants totaling $238,000 last spring. The SEF website includes a full list of grants from Spring 2020 and has descriptions of all COVID-19 emergency grants. 
  • Funded several technology grants to provide students access to Chromebooks, an investment that proved critical in 2020 as students brought these devices home.

We pledge our unwavering commitment, even during times of crisis, to support public schools as safe, welcoming, diverse and inclusive places to learn.


Your donation to the Summit Educational Foundation will directly support grants that provide a wide variety of learning experiences and opportunities that prepare our students for educational and occupational success. Simply put, school budgets are tight, and SEF enables teachers and administrators to do more. We are grateful to all families who support SEF-no matter the amount, your donation is critical

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Thank you for your generosity!


Maggie Bauman          Kim Fox
President                      Vice-President