Welcome to Back-To-School Night!
Dear Shalom Parents,

Our school year got off to a beautiful start, and we are excited to give you a glimpse into your child's day. While our classrooms look a bit different, with desks spread apart, sneeze guards and masks for all...the joyous sounds of learning and playing echo again through our hallways! We could not be happier to be back in school for what we hope and pray will be a happy, productive, and safe year for all.

Please scroll through this email to find your child's classroom teachers, as well as any Learning Center teachers who work with your child. Each teacher prepared a special presentation for you to view, which will introduce you to the school year, familiarize you with expectations and routines, and give you an overview of the curriculum.

Most importantly, this launches the start of the most key aspect of a successful school experience for your child: A strong bond of communication between home and school is the linchpin to a happy, well-adjusted child. We encourage you to reach out to your child's teacher to share any concerns, describe any difficulties your child has along the course of the year, and of course to relay points of pride.

Wishing you all a G'mar Chasima Tova and a wonderful year of shared nachas,

Mrs. Hoberman

Opening Remarks
Rabbi Kramer
Teacher Presentations
Pre-K Judaic Studies
Morah Nechama Greenwald
Kindergarten Judaic Studies
Morah Malkie Zachai
Pre-K General Studies
Morah Rebecca Ertel
Kindergarten General Studies
Morah Esther Baila Berl
First Grade Judaic Studies
Morah Tirtza Zachai
First Grade General Studies
Mrs. Aimee Friedell
Second Grade Judaic Studies
Morah Shulamis Shereshevsky
Second Grade General Studies
Mrs. Esty Luria
Third Grade Judaic Studies
Morah Esther Berliner
Third Grade General Studies
Ms. Renee Glashow
Fourth Grade Judaic Studies
Morah Mimi Newman
Fourth Grade General Studies
Ms. Rochie Fendel
Fifth and Sixth Grade Boys Judaic Studies
Rabbi Yehuda Friedman
Middle School Girls Judaic Studies
Morah Chaya Leiter
Fifth Grade General Studies
Mrs. Shoshana Stern
Sixth Grade General Studies: Math and Social Studies
Rabbi Elchonon Cohen
Sixth Grade General Studies: ELA and Science
Ms. Shulamis Shereshevsky
Seventh and Eighth Grade Boys Judaic Studies
Rabbi Shalom Jacoby
Seventh and Eighth Grade General Studies
Ms. Chaya Leiter
Learning Center
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