Back to School!
All the approvals are in and the doors of Sunlight Christian Academy are officially open.  The hope of serving families in our community has hung by a slender thread through the past year.  Each time we thought it might not survive, God's hand has pushed us forward. Though it is difficult to endure such a tenuous journey, with failure lurking around every corner, it is beautiful to look back and realize what God has done to sustain us and the dream.  We can truly say, "only God"!

As we spread the word throughout our community, pray that families will come from all over our neighborhoods to attend a preschool that will not only prepare their children for school but, more importantly, share with them the love of Christ!  School begins on August 21 and we have a few signed up but we are praying for many more.
Gracious People

Painting the Peak!

As we welcome people from our community to our church, it is important that we remove distractions.  When I walk into a church, or place of business and I see weeds taking over in the yard, paint peeling off the walls and things in general disrepair I tend to think "something is not right here". The owner may be ill, in financial trouble, or simply apathetic.  It's a distraction.  Especially if the facility is a place I want to do business, I'll probably think twice about going in.


For some time now we have been trying to find a way to give the exterior of our facility a fresh coat of paint. There were enough cracks, peeling paint and dirt that it was noticeable to those we want to welcome. We knew we didn't have it in the budget to come up with the thousands of dollars we needed to make this project happen.

Enter CROS Summer Camp and Director Emily Z.  Emily has a big heart and she is highly motivated.  She has to be or she couldn't run a summer camp with 200 active kids!  She overheard me talking about the need to paint and she knew she had parents of summer camp kids who were contractors and professional painters.  Before she was done networking with her parents she got paint donated, labor donated and a the whole project came together!  We are so thankful for the gracious people of CROS Summer Camp!  Not only do they grow our connections with our community and get lots of families in our building all summer long, but now they have helped us pull off a project that was beyond our reach. They have helped us remove one more distraction from people coming to know and experience the grace of Jesus Christ at Sunlight!


CROS Summer Camp Parent Night!
Praise & Prayer
  • Pray for more families to register for preschool.  We have five families registered so far with many "potential" families in process.
  • Praise God that all our approvals came through for the preschool.
  • Pray as we begin the search for a new part-time worship leader.
  • Praise God for Jon Acosta who served as our worship leader for our early years.  He was and still is such a blessing to us.
  • Pray as I continue to make calls to potential supporters to give financially to this ministry.
  • Pray that some of our summer camp families will come to know Christ and follow Him at Sunlight.
  • Pray for our leaders who are going through personal illness and challenges.  Pray for healing and strength for the work ahead.
  • Personal: Our youngest, Kollin, leaves August 9 for College of the Ozarks.  Pray for him as he embarks on a new era of his life.  Pray for Deb and I as we adjust to a new phase in our journey as well.
Kris Vos - Sunlight Community Church 
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