Corpus Christi School
Back To School Plan
Correspondence Below Is For Grades 1 - 8 ONLY
K and Pre-K Correspondence will follow...
Dear parents of students in grades 1 - 8,

I hope this email finds you and your family well and enjoying the last few weeks of summer. I am looking forward to going Back to School this year, although I recognize it will be a bit different for all of us. My first priority remains, as it always has been, the safety and well-being of each child entrusted to our care. As I continue to prepare for the opening of school, I need your input.

Some parents may not feel comfortable with their children returning to the classroom right now, and as such, these parents may prefer that their children learn remotely from their homes. I completely understand that each family needs to make the decision that is best for them. I want to assure you that this option is available, and the teachers will be prepared to educate your children remotely. If you could please take a moment and fill in the form below, it will greatly help us in our preparations.

Please choose the option you would like to follow for the first trimester by clicking the survey link below. We need your response by Thursday, August 20th.

In the coming weeks you will receive an email regarding your child's teacher for the upcoming school year.

September Calendar Students in Grades 1-8  
Information about specific schedules so that you child can live stream lessons from home during Hybrid/Remote Learning will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.       

As a quick aside, for ease in returning to school, please plan to have your children wear their school gym uniforms for the month of September. That being said, if you prefer the regular uniform I am fine with that as well. Take care and stay well!
Mrs. Sarpu