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London Wrap-Up

We are now all back in our home countries after an exciting and jam-packed ICANN 50, the largest attendance for an ICANN meeting in the organization's history. Check out our wiki page on ICANN 50 in case you missed the action, and be sure to add to the page as we're sure we missed a few things.

The ICANNWiki booth was as busy as ever. Many of you came by to pick up the London card decks, while others came to pick up your caricature badges. And we appreciated the hundreds of you who came to ICANNWiki for the first time to create your profile and learn about what we have to offer.

Discussion in London included hot topics such as Internet Governance and the IANA Functions Transition, as well as ongoing discussions regarding New gTLDs, ICANN Accountability, and policy development. We'd like to say hi to all the attendees of ATLAS II that occurred during ICANN 50 as well.

Community Survey Results

"I like ICANNWiki because it embodies the multistakeholder model - many people voluntarily taking responsibility for information over a wide subject area." - survey respondent

Last month we sent out our first annual ICANNWiki community survey, in order to understand our wonderful community better and help serve you more effectively. Some key takeaways included:


87% of our core community first heard about ICANNWiki through an ICANN meeting, meaning our presence and attendance at meetings is important to raise awareness and maintain use of the site by the core community. 3% found ICANNWiki through a web search.


20% of our core community have attended 10+ ICANN Meetings, 16% have attended 6-9 meetings, and 19% have attended 4-5 meetings. 4% have never attended an ICANN meeting while 27% have attended between 1-3 Meetings.


About 70% of our community stops by the ICANNWiki booth to pick up their caricature badge and a deck of playing cards. 42% said they come by to learn more about ICANNWiki and 20% come by to ask a question.


70% of our core community is interested in learning how to write and edit ICANNWiki articles in English, while 30% said they are interested in contributing to ICANNWiki in a language other than English.


Survey responses came from: United States, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Nicaragua, United Kingdom, Jordan, El Salvador, Australia, Nigeria, France, China, Mexico, India, Uganda, Taiwan, South Africa, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Uruguay, Luxembourg, Egypt, Kenya, Costa Rica, and Pakistan.
Organization Updates
  • ICANNWiki is now officially a 501(c)(3) (US Tax code) not-for-profit organization, furthering our mission to strengthen and grow this community resource in a sustainable manner.

  • We are happy to have so many wonderful sponsors, and currently have some great sponsorship opportunities for ICANN 51 and beyond, including ICANN meeting giveaways that are very popular. Contact us to see how we can work together.

  • Our good friends at TLD Registry are helping to create a Chinese language version of ICANNWiki. Spanish language is coming soon. Contact us if you want to help add content in either of those languages.

  • We are looking forward to ICANN 51 in Los Angeles and seeing all of you there!

Jonah, Vivian, Ray (the ICANNWiki Team)
Many Thanks to our generous sponsors:

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