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Volume 5, Issue 7 | July 2016

I'm grateful to say that I've secured another full-time work contract. I have a 2 - 4 month assignment as a technical writer with Charles Schwab Corporation in Phoenix. It is a wonderfully refreshing change in environment and culture from the last company I had a contract with. In fact, Schwab has been named in 2016 as one of the world's top 50 most admired companies - and I'm eager to find a permanent position there. Interestingly, I've realized that I've not had a PAID day off since early 1999 - that would be a nice benefit to have, ya think?! And, how cool is it to work for an organization that is about helping people be financially prosperous?!

In June, Fortune magazine interviewed "Chuck," a billionaire many times over, to talk about what he has learned from a lifetime of business success. I enjoyed learning more about this man and his personal values which I believe are reflected in the organization. When asked, "As you became a success, what strategies did you put in place for handling your own wealth?," his reply was "Coming from a modest economic upbringing, I learned early about how limiting and uninteresting self-satisfaction was as a goal in terms of using wealth - and how important modesty and philanthropy are." He talked also about the importance of personal responsibility, being kind to others, and to "develop an understanding of your fellow man, and have respect and appreciation for their difference." Here is a man who cares about people - and has literally put his money where his mouth is by supporting causes and organizations that help others improve their lives. I feel blessed to be involved in the company that such a man created 40+ years ago; we shall see what Spirit has in mind for me regarding a long-term association.

Read the Q & A session online.

Blessings from a grateful camper,

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Inspiration and Contemplation
The DNA Journey
I have a very dear friend who, for most of her life, yearned to find and know her birth family. Technological advances catapulted her cause to the point that, about a year ago, she found her first blood relative. I was thrilled to meet and celebrate Thanksgiving 2015 with her half-brother. Since then, she has connected with many more relatives in her treasure hunt, which I have been privy to hear much about. She has been so blessed by it all, and my heart is filled with joy for her. Hence, my interest is heightened when I hear stories about DNA testing, adopted children finding their birth family, etc.

The following video is not about someone intentionally employing DNA testing to try to find a family member. Nevertheless, it conveys a powerful story about relatives.

It's easy to think there are more things dividing people than uniting us. But we actually have much more in common with other individuals than we may think. Watch this video and catch the surprise at the end.

The River   

A wise old boatman was taking pilgrims to a shrine. One day someone asked him, "Have you been to the shrine?" "No, not yet," said the boatman, "because I still haven't discovered everything the river has to offer me. In this river I find wisdom; I find peace; I find God."

But the pilgrims didn't even notice the river; their minds were so focused on the shrine they couldn't see the river. Could that be the story of our lives?

- Anthony de Mello in "Walking on Water" 
People Helping People
The Thank You Project
Watch this story about a mother who finds and thanks the team of heroes who saved her son's life.

Earlier this month, I heard the following comparison of religion with spirituality while listening to a talk at a Unity church:

"Religion is sitting in church thinking about kayaking.
Spirituality is sitting in my kayak thinking about God."

Sounds good to me - especially during these hot summer days!

Stay cool, be blessed!
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