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May 2016
Getting Back in the Saddle Correctly
Don't watch me ride a bike. Sure, I can get from point A to B, but it ain't pretty. I move too much on the saddle. And, if I had a dollar for every time a well-meaning rider told me to lower my seat just a quarter inch, I'd be rich. It's not that I've ignored them - in fact, I have taken the seat down a bit, and I still rock and roll all over the Front Range. 
I'm not in pain, but I'm not efficient. I just have to work harder to get anywhere. That stinks. Getting up to Ward is hard enough...
Watch this video. If you look like this, you need a bike fit!

I scheduled a Medical Bike Fit with Larry Meyer, PT, DPT. Larry wears many different hats. He is a PT at ALT A and he owns Boulder Movement & Sports Performance where he performs bike fits. Having your bike fit done by a PT is a whole different animal.    
First, it doesn't start on the bike. It  starts with an evaluation of your physical impairments and your struc tural limitations. Phy sical impairments are things like weakne ss, muscle or joint  tightness, and faulty movement patterns. Larr y records the impairments as the first step in your bike fit. Then there are structural limitations: these are things like scoliosis, a leg length difference, or flat feet. They are  also important to notice because they might need to be accommodated for by making changes to the bike, or your shoes and cleats. K nowing what matters to achieve a pain free and efficient ride and what is just "noise" takes experience and a solid 
backgro und in biomechanics. You have to know body mechanics and bike mechanics. That's key.   
So you've had your body evaluated. Now for the bike.    
Larry videotapes you riding, then measures, then tweaks and looks again. Tweaking might mean changing your saddle position, or mobilizing your hip. It might mean adjusting your cleat, or mobilizing your ankle, or both. All the while you are watching yourself ride on the big screen and Larry is explaining what he sees. Is the saddle the right saddle for you, in the right position, and the right angle? Turns out, my saddle was too low. He did some very cool measurements to ascertain that, and showed me why. He bases all his data on norms collected through research.

So the first question is: what elements of movement-strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and motor control-are a ffecting your ride? The second question: is the bike set up to accommodate your body. The third question: what can you do, as a rider, or w hat can Larry do, as a PT, to fix those body problems? It will likely be a combination of working on both the body and bike that gets you to the perfect solution.
Larry has been doing bike fits for years - he's done over 900 and counting. Since 2014, he has been teaching medical bike fitting courses to Physical Therapists across the nation. He is a guest speaker this year at the California annual PT conference. When your background is Physical Therapy, and your passion is biomechanics, it is a great combination. His intuition, combined with experience, helps him quickly determine the changes that need to happen. For both your body and your bike. 

Fall Prevention Myths & Tips
 Certified Falls Prevention Specialist through the
Consortium for Older Adult Wellness (COAW)

Did you know that most fall s are preventable?
Join us to dispel the myths surrounding older adults and falls.

This free, one hour talk will empower you and your loved ones with the tools to successfully reduce fall risk and increase confidence.

Don't let a fear of falling keep you from living life to the fullest!
Monday, June 6th, 1:00 - 2:00 pm
Boulder Senior Center West - Four Mile Room
909 Arapahoe Ave * Boulder, CO    

A Recognized Expert on Swimming Injuries

ALTA's own Allyson Friday, PT, DPT will be presenting her talk entitled "Extreme Swimming: It's not about the Shoulder" at the conference of The Extreme Sports Medicine Congress on June 10-11th in Boulder. The conference hosts speakers from around the world and covers topics including injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation as they pertain to extreme athletes. Allyson was asked to speak again this year as an expert on swimming injuries. 


Why do you ride your bike? It's efficient transportation. It's a green machine. It's good exercise. And it's fun!
Well what if it isn't so fun? What if riding makes your neck ache, your hands or feet go numb, or your knees throb?
Learn what it takes (strength, joint mobility, etc.) to ride better and without pain. Larry will also talk about common bike fit adjustments to improve your ride and make you feel great on your bike. 

Larry, is a Certified Medical Bike Fit Specialist who has helped hundreds of people improve the efficiency and enjoyment of riding

Sponsored by ALTA Physical Therapy & Pilates
June 20th at 6:30 pm at ALTA 
Please RSVP to