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Dear Shabazz Community, 

Welcome back for the 2020-2021 school year! We're so excited to welcome all of our incoming (new and existing) students. The new virtual school year begins, Tuesday, September 8. 

Here at Shabazz, we believe all students can be successful if they are well understood and well supported by the entire school community, as well as challenged through the use of a rigorous and relevant curriculum, delivered with dynamic and flexible instruction. As a staff, we are committed to working together with you to make this vision a reality for every single student, especially during these unprecedented times.

I want to make sure that as a school community we recognize and focus on the importance of building strong, trusting relationships as the foundation for all we do. Research shows that no meaningful learning takes place without authentic connections among all involved, and we need to work together to build a collaborative community that supports all students equitably. Continue reading > > > 

Students may not be able to actually hang out in the Student Center this quarter, but we do have our very own Virtual Student Center where you can see the week's schedule, hear announcements, give a Shout-Out, check out some art, see who's having a birthday, watch puppies, and a lot more.

Many thanks to Rachel for making this a welcoming space, complete with our beloved service dog, Crawford.
This month several Shabazz teachers are starting a conversation group using the BARWE (Building Anti-Racist White Educators) inquiry series. Each month BARWE puts out a series of articles and questions for white educators to read and discuss. Many teachers in the group have participated in past inquiry series. 

This year the group would like to invite parents/guardians who would be interested in joining and participating in the series. Our hope is to increase the viewpoints and voices at these meetings and to build lines of trust and support between the school and the community.

Email Aaron at if you are interested.
Preview the September inquiry and past inquiries here:
Cyndi Burleson

Cyndi Burleson is Shabazz's new Special Education Assistant (SEA). Cyndi has been in two elementary schools as an SEA and is looking forward to the high school experience!

"This virtual world is a very unique way to start the year and my new position here! I am very excited to navigate through this with my new Shabazz family! Here's to a GREAT year!"
Laura Counselman Crouch

Laura will be teaching English in the afternoons.

"I couldn't be more thrilled to join the Shabazz family! I truly loved my subbing days last year and am looking forward to reconnecting with everyone. 

One interesting thing about me is that I have tried most forms of education post high school. I got a BS in English at UW Madison, I studied abroad in London for a semester, then I went to Edgewood and received my teaching license. While teaching at West High School, I earned an online Masters in Culturally Relevant Ed and most recently, I completed a Madison College apprenticeship in cosmetology. Ask me anything about types of schooling. I support them all!

For fun I love hiking, canoeing, reading, listening, watching, golfing and most of all, making crafts with my daughters. Let's learn together, Shabazz!
Aaron Geiger

Our new school psychologist, Aaron Geiger, has worked as a school psychologist in MMSD since 2008. He has worked at all grade levels but has spent the majority of his career working in the alternative high school setting. He is excited for the opportunity to get to know the Shabazz community.
Morgan Lange

Morgan Lange will be sharing the School Nurse position with Michelle Leh Rameker. Morgan has worked as a substitute nurse and nurse assistant for MMSD for the past two years, prior to taking the job at Shabazz and Sherman. Her nursing experience includes acute care, primary care, home health, and care coordination.

Prior to becoming a nurse, Morgan worked for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the service industry, and an office setting (as an administrative assistant). She has lived in Madison, New Orleans, and Chicago. 

"I am looking forward to getting to know everyone!"
Parent Cheat Sheet for Google Classroom

Are you a parent/guardian that would like to know how to better support your student(s) through virtual learning? A great first step is to better understand the learning system MMSD uses called "Google Classroom."

The Parent's Cheat Sheet for Google can help you understand essential functions such as:

  • how to navigate Google Classroom as a parent,
  • how to find what assignments your student has to do,
  • and, helping students turn in assignments.

Simply find a topic you would like to learn more about, click on the link and enjoy learning more about Google Classroom! Thank you for helping to support our students!
Shabazz Now Has a Full-Time Student Support Staff

Our Student Support Staff includes three full-time staff members who are available to our students and families Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Conversations with staff members are confidential; however there are exceptions if the situation involves risk of harm to the student or someone else. Meet our Student Support Staff here.

School Psychologist: Aaron Geiger,
School Counselor: Elizabeth Long,
School Social Worker: Susan Kaye,
PST/Special Education Dept. Head: Julie Evert,
Shabazz City High School
1601 Sherman Avenue
Madison WI 53704