Back to the Basics - the Feng Shui Five Elements
In Feng Shui there are five elements that interact with one another that create your surrounding Chi. The elements feed, calm or destroy each other. When all five elements are present in an area, they work in harmony. Most importantly, is the way the five elements relate to each other.   This is the theory which will help you work out what your problems might be in the home and how to solve them.
The Feng Shui Five Elements
The five elements are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Each element will have characteristics and representations based on their essence and can be used in a space in a variety of ways. Through shape, color, literal object, and art object depicting the element. There is no one way or right way when applying the five elements; one of the gifts of Feng Shui. When working with the five elements, we often look to balancing the components and the energy while making the space personal and uniquely yours.
Read the full article - including definitions of the elements, and understanding more about the cycles that connect them.
The Five Elements Outdoors
"Too many good gardeners feel unfulfilled in their landscapes, for one simple reason: A lack of good feng shui.

"Feng shui works with, not against, nature, and takes into consideration many different elements. It encourages the use and balance of the five natural elements or forces: Wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Examples of each element include live plants, an outdoor fireplace or chiminea (or a grouping of red- and yellow-colored plants), terra cotta or clay pots, large stones, a water feature of any type, and metal sculptures or wind chimes. "

Decorating with the Five Elements
by Diane Alba-Means, Hawaii Feng Shui
Feng Shui decor includes the Five Elements that are associated with shapes, colors and materials and can be introduced into a space in pure form, using actual plants, fire, soil, metal or water, or in the form of representative objects. The most powerful objects are those, which combine the shape, color and material of an element. For example, a square, terracotta pot filled with brown soil for earth energy.

Combining appropriate colors with particular patterns and materials can be especially effective in manipulating the existing energy, which is the basis of many Feng Shui remedies. When using these tools and surrounding yourself with things that you love, you are creating environmental affirmations which support you in having a peaceful place to live and a place for the vital energy to circulate harmoniously throughout your home.

Looking for design inspiration? Follow our Five Elements Pinterest Board for a wide variety of ideas and projects for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Watch Jillian Rothschild-Scholar, Feng Shui in Motion talking about the Five Elements on Your Life Arizona. Click the image below or click here .
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