"Demonstrating Unity in the Power of the Spirit"
The church is called to actively live the love of Jesus by sharing healing amid brokenness, hope in times of uncertainty, unity in an environment of division, peace when facing chaos.
Back to Church Sunday
Looks Different This Year
Thousands of churches unite annually as part of a movement to invite everyone back to church the third Sunday in September. This is a call to action and an invitation to experience the transformative power of Christ’s message. Whether you are meeting virtually or in person, now, more than ever, people need Jesus and a caring community where they can belong, grow, and flourish. That is why the PCCNA wants to serve and resource you in a variety of ways—through our commission initiatives, by strengthening relational connections with other members, and with resources provided by our sponsors and others. Please feel free to connect with our leadership team and let us know how we can serve you better as together, we pursue our goal of demonstrating unity in the power of the Spirit.
—Kay Horner, Executive Director
Acts 2 Church Health Commission Serving You as You Serve Others
During this pandemic period, many pastors are facing difficulties they have never experienced before. Desiring to be faith-filled and optimistic, many predicted the problems caused by COVID-19 would be short lived, and that by now, life would have returned to normal. But that has not proven true . . .

The Acts 2 Church Health Commission wants to help your church remain vibrant, healthy, and missionally effective during this unprecedented time.

United Holy Church of America
Courage to Go On
When doing the work of the Lord one does not know what events will come to change the face of time—forever changing our mission assignment. Our theme for the year, “Courage to Go On,” was prophetic. No one could have anticipated the challenges of the impending global pandemic and the social unrest in the United States that has followed.

As the oldest, black Pentecostal organization in America, we have been uniquely challenged in our presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faced with a population that is disproportionately impacted . . .

Churches Helping Churches
A Financial Lifeline
PCCNA member organizations, The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Church of God in Christ, united with other Christian ministries and were recognized for their work with Churches Helping Churches, a Christian-based coalition which provides a financial lifeline for hundreds of congregations hit hard by the COVID pandemic.

La NHCLC junto con muchos ministerios cristianos, fueron reconocidos por su trabajo de Iglesias Ayudando a Iglesias, una coalición cristiana que provee ayuda financiera para congregaciones duramente afectadas por COVID-19. 
Power Behind Online Encounters
Changed Lives in Canada
Mission Canada has five governing priorities that guide the focus of ministry and reach. One of these identified priorities is those who live in the province of Quebec and Canada’s francophone population nation-wide . . .  
As a Mission Canada worker engaging people in an online capacity, [Carole] is able to walk with those who are going through deep waters, helping them connect to the hope found only in Jesus Christ.. . .Terry came online under the premise of seeking help, yet ultimately his goal was to harm. Through prayer and the discernment of the Holy Spirit, Carole discovered this individual was deeply ensnared by deception and the occult . . . Terry’s life was changed.

PCCNA Annual Meeting
March 3–5, 2021

The Southbank Hotel by Marriott
Jacksonville Riverwalk in Florida

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Trauma Healing
Podcast with Nicole Martin
Learn how the Trauma Healing Institute has been equipping pastors and laypeople to facilitate trauma healing groups and to experience God's healing power in their lives and the lives of others. NAE President Walter Kim hosts this dynamic podcast, where you’ll hear Nicole explain:

  • How she has seen Bible engagement lead to healing;
  • Why Christian leaders need to come to terms with their own trauma;
  • How a better understanding of trauma helps us in the challenging issues of race; and
  • What steps the Trauma Healing Institute pursues in the healing process.

Nicole Martin is the executive director of Trauma Healing at the American Bible Society.

The FireBible is a full-featured, study Bible with an emphasis on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. It offers the reader a practical understanding and application of Scripture that leads to a solid foundation in God’s Word, a deeper relationship with Christ, and an awareness of the Holy Spirit’s activity.

Global University is a fully accredited nonprofit Christian University, in the Pentecostal tradition, based out of Springfield, Missouri. As a worldwide distance learning pioneer, the university integrates education and service through a network in 150 countries, including the United States. The vision of Global University is to impact eternity by reaching the lost and training the found, everywhere.

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