Dear Sweet Adelines Members,

It has now been over a year since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. The creativity, community, and resiliency of the Sweet Adelines community continues to inspire and grow. We have learned much along the way and continue to learn as new information becomes available.

Many choruses and quartets find themselves considering a difficult decision: Do we continue virtually or begin transitioning to in-person rehearsal? The topic can be polarizing because decision-making regarding pandemic restrictions is deeply personal and local guidelines vary from city to city, region to region, country to country.

The health and safety of our singers is the top priority of Sweet Adelines International. It is important to note that Sweet Adelines International is not recommending that choruses meet in person but rather that they follow their local guidelines. We have compiled resources to assist each chorus and quartet if and when they begin to transition to in-person rehearsals.

To ensure a harmonious return to in-person rehearsal, choruses must find ways for singers to clearly communicate their comfort level regarding the various pandemic restrictions. Recognizing that many singers are not ready to transition from virtual rehearsals, we ask that all remain patient, flexible, and understanding. We also ask that singers respect the comfort level and boundaries of those who make the decision to attend in-person rehearsals. As we continue to cope and grow in our understanding, we are still navigating unprecedented times and appreciate the difficulty of this decision-making.

Back to Rehearsals resources will be available to members only on the SA website at (A member login is required to access the resources.) The resources provided by HQ include recommendations to decrease risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission; however, they do not eliminate the risks. Your region has or will be assigning a Regional Rehearsal Liaison to work with each chorus or quartet to develop a plan prior to beginning in-person rehearsals. As more information becomes available, we will continue to add resources to the website.

We thank all of you for continuing to support one another through this last year. As we move forward, we know that not only a comprehensive plan for each group, but love, kindness, respect, and patience will help us navigate this transition in the appropriate timeline for each chorus, quartet, and/or individual. We look forward to hearing the sound of chords ringing and our eventual return to sharing the love of harmony with the world.