Getting back in the school zone!
Education is the most powerful weapon for changing the world! - Author Unknown
Edwards Electronic Systems is honored to accommodate educational facilities and their safety needs at various levels across all of North Carolina. EES understands the amount of responsibility acquired when installing and servicing fire alarm systems, CCTV, security systems, etc,... in educational amenities. Alamance County Schools recently chose EES to install EST Fire Alarm System in their schools. East Chapel Hill High School and Siler City Elementary have had complete renovation and upgrade to their fire alarm system this summer. Due to the changes in fire codes, these schools reached out to us to provide them with technology and services to meet the constantly changing fire system requirements issued by the state. We love working with our local schools as EES has a passion to support education by providing safety, security, and peace of mind to students, parents, and teachers year round! 


Join us for the Eighth Annual Mountain High BBQ Festival Car Show set in the beautiful mountains of Western NC!
Starting school can be a difficult time for children. Here are some helpful ways to prepare your child for the first day!

Summer time is always extremely busy for EES. Our staff is required to wait on family vacations and work a lot of overtime hours to meet customer deadlines. There are a couple of reasons for this extra work. North Carolina has a very active storm season that causes lightning to damage equipment that has to be replaced immediately. We also perform a lot of work in the educational market, so that means that we have to do the annual testing, retrofits and upgrades during the summer while the kids and faculty are on summer break. I want to personally thank our customers for their patience in waiting and our awesome employees for doing their best to meet our customers' needs even in the face of sometimes impossible and unrealistic deadlines and last minute requests. We know that without customers there would be no need for employees and we strive to make sure that we satisfy our customers' needs to the best of our ability. I believe that EES employees are among the best in the industry and I am very proud to be a part of this great team at EES.
We all believe in our moto "Providing Safety, Security, and Peace of Mind!"


Michael Edwards, President and CEO
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