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For CPS, back to school means back to the fight to promote, preserve and protect public education , a fight that's particularly urgent in a national climate of Betsy Devos and like-minded privatization advocates here in Massachusetts.

We'll fight to the finish for adequate resources to fund our public schools . Together with our allies, we made progress this spring on the Fund Our Future campaign to fix our out-of-date state public school funding formula. You made a difference - with your calls, your emails, your letters, your rallying, your state house visits and your testimony to legislators.

Thanks to your advocacy, the FY 2020 state budget made an initial downpayment toward the nearly $2 billion school funding shortfall identified by a state legislative committee way back in 2015. As a result, many districts have been able to hire staff and partially restore critical programming for the coming school year. But it's still just a short-term band-aid.

We need your support to keep up the fight.
Our dues-paying members power our work.

You'll be helping to fight for more than funding. Since 1982, CPS has defended inclusive, democratically-accountable public schools as vital resources. We've advocated for well-resourced public schools that ensure equal access and educational opportunities for every child. We fight for effective assessments that promote a whole child education and against the overuse and misuse of discriminatory, high-stakes standardized testing. We fight against charter expansion that diverts funding from existing public schools.
(Annual dues start at $35.)

Act today! Your membership donation to CPS can help make equitable public education for all of our Massachusetts students a reality.

Let's keep fighting,
Lisa Guisbond, Executive Director, CPS