Promoting Risk and Reward for First Gen to College Success

Carol J. Carter
Founder and President

Consider the  most important  risks  to learn, to grow, and to forge key relationships which will allow students to become competent and confident as they face increasing complexity with a resilient spirit. To create a  capable, diverse talent pipeline , all students  m ust appreciate and respect themselves, each other, faculty and employers who represent the diversity of our nation and our world. For some, that is a mindset risk, or  shift, in and of itself. Taking  risks  to be uncomfortable yields the  reward of understanding how to navigate complexity and ambiguity: universal success skills.
For college students and especially for those who are  First Gen to College  without the role models, mentors and social capital, the risk to move beyond the feelings of 
inadeq uacy, intimidation, isolation and non-belonging can be the difference between staying in college and deciding it is to much of a stretch to persist. Life is full of situations that scare us, if we are growing beyond the safe zone of that which we know with the people who think and act like us. So while it is a risk to move beyond the feelings of lack to the future that students can create, it is a greater risk to stay in the same mental place which can lead to anxiety, depression and hopelessness. Whether you are a college president, a parent, a faculty person, advisor or an employer working with students,   please share this as classes start:
GlobalMindED encourages students to make a commitment to  one or more  of these
courageous risks, building highly-valued employment skills:

  • Develop a relationship with at least one faculty member or teaching assistant so that you get used to authority: managing up in an organization.
  • Develop one new friendship with someone in class, work, or dorm who is different from you: showing the  ability to work with and be inclusive.
  • Join one campus activity or reach a new level in your part-time job to demonstrate your ability to contribute more effectively: growing competence.
  • Brainstorm internship options through visiting your career center and exploring on-line: building strategic planning skills.
  • Get and give help. When you need it ask for it. When others need your expertise, generously give it: growing  your mentoring and managerial skills.
Frank Bruni chronicles more ways to help students make the most out of college overall.  At GlobalMindED, we are focused on revealing the " hidden curriculum ," which is the vast kernels of knowledge that many students and graduates have when they are part of the most elite circles and/or most privileged families or institutions.  Even in these places, we know that First Gen students can still fall through the cracks, as can any student at any time. We will share our  employment strategies  tied to academic learning to build the bridge between what students learn in school and what employers expect and require from them as graduates. If more students have that bridge, we will eliminate the more than 30% of graduates with a college degree working in jobs that didn't require the degree. And they are the subsection that managed to persist to get a degree. Join us by supporting our GlobalMindED Collaboratives, attending or applying to speak at our annual conference, bringing a First Gen student from your campus to participate in the Student Leadership Program or being part of our Bold Goal Leadership team to algorithmically connect 25,000,000 First Gen students to role models, mentors, internships and jobs by 2025 . With you, we can create the solution to deliver a capable, diverse talent pipeline that will fuel our economic future.
Collaboration to get out the VOTE! 
GlobalMindED and Digital Citizenship
JoAnn Jacobs, a sixth grade social studies teacher at Mid Pacific has partnered  with  the Digital Citizenship Institute on a project that will make an impact both in and outside of the c las sr oom.  Inspired by Michelle Obama's When We All Vote campaign, the sixth graders in Hawaii will be working with parents who are running for office, as well as connecting with other classrooms around the country to examine questions around changing communities through active participation. 

When we recently caught up with JoAnn, she shared, how her students will also engage college students at the University of Hawaii and parents, "I really believe students can learn from anyone, of any age and to have students inspire other students and adults to exercise the most powerful way to make changes in local, state and national communities is by voting in every election. During the Primary Elections there was only a 40% turnout on Election Day. This is an opportunity to raise awareness and inspire voters to actively participate. We hope our classroom will model how students and adults can get involved and how they can research candidates, policies and programs."

GlobalMindED is working with multiple partners such as JoAnn and Digital Citizenship to increase voter registration, voter turnout and civic engagement on our most important issues like health care, education, fixing the national debt and access.
2019 Annual Conference
Thank you to our 2018 Summer College Student Interns

Lizzy Roehm
Boston College
Research Intern

Through conducting and analyzing pre- and post-conference surveys along with writing grant proposals, I have enjoyed the opportunity to gain perspective on the scope and magnitude of GlobalMindED's efforts, and learned how GlobalMindED seeks to provide equitable access to workforce readiness and job success. GlobalMindED has increased my desire and interest in post-secondary education access and persistence research. When I am back at Boston College, I want to continue to explore ways to dive deeper into this research and Boston-based efforts to promote access, equity, and diversity. 

Chi Luu
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Marketing Intern

What I like the most about GlobalMindED is that I am able to explore various projects and learn from this valuable experience in the marketing field. I have developed some social media content and worked with the team on creating appealing headlines. I've become more familiar with various marketing strategies. GlobalMindED has helped me with networking and building new friendships in my life. As I move on to graduation, I know I'm better prepared to pursue a career in this field and I'm excited for what the future brings.

Samantha Risi
Arkansas State University
Administrative & Event Planning Intern

GlobaMindED helped me build valuable skills that I can't develop in a classroom. I had the opportunity to learn the inner workings of a non-profit and how much passion needs to be put in to make it a success. The 2018 Annual Conference was the highlight of my internship. It was the culmination of months of hard work and a network of amazing individuals that believe in GlobalMindED's mission. 

Josh Graham
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Social Media Intern

As a college senior looking for an internship is a strategic move that is the starting point for my career path. GlobalMindED allows me to gain hands-on experience across several different areas, all in the same atmosphere of my degree focus and public relations. Through working on outreach and communication, I have gained a stronger sense of purpose in working on something I am passionate about. This internship will set me up for success in my future career endeavors simply through the people I have been able to meet, after only three weeks of working here. Networking is key and I believe this internship provides me that fantastic opportunity.
Partner News

August 23-24, 2018

This conference is designed for Executives, Investors, Leadership Teams and local, regional, and global Business Owners, including women entrepreneurs and startups focused on market expansion, taking their business over $1M+ .

GlobalMindED has been given 15 VIP passes with the discounted registration of $97 instead of $397 (use code TIE-GM). Find out about details and REGISTER HERE .
August 23, 2018 - Dallas, TX

Join Grantmakers for Education, experts and funders in Dallas, Texas for a regional education funders' summit on racial equity, proudly hosted in partnership with Lumina Foundation. This thoughtfully guided program is an opportunity to develop strategic action for African-American, Hispanic and Native American learners.
September 18, 2018

Dedicated to bringing smart regions to life. This experience will bring together civic-minded leaders from enterprise, government, academia, research, impact investors, startups and nonprofits to dive deep into what it takes to create a state full of connected communities. This one-day, single-track event also will feature a showcase of cutting-edge technologies and smart city solutions. Together, we can create the ultimate citizen experience, one partnership at a time.
September 22, 2018 - St. Louis, MO

The Digital Citizenship Summit is a gathering of digital citizenship enthusiasts and influencers from around the world. The DigCitSummit builds connections among four critical stakeholders namely, students, educators, parents and business leaders. This multiple stakeholders approach provides an opportunity to address the positive ways to address social media and technology use as a community.
Oct 7-10, 2018 - Fort Worth, TX

National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship's 16th annual conference will feature keynotes from engaging entrepreneurs that have innovated in areas ranging from 1980's rock and roll memorabilia to one of the co-developers of Amazon's Alexa. The conference will share best practices for entrepreneurial leadership and experiential teaching across academic disciplines. 

October 24-27, 2018 - Miami, FL
Celebrating Diversity and Culture in Business Communication
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