Take a breath :) You've made incredible progress on your essays and applications this summer! A few of you already have letters of admission arriving in your mailbox! 

Continue to engage with your colleges… Read their emails, attend virtual information sessions, visit virtual college fairs, and go on virtual school visits. This is crucial to demonstrate interest and increase your chances of admission. 

Check the colleges' websites for a list of their virtual events, and/or click here to register for the NACAC Virtual College Fair on Sept. 13, Oct. 12, Oct. 18, or Nov. 8. 

The SAT and ACT have been cancelled for many locations, and you may be wondering if you should even take the test now. Colleges have their own policies on testing this year (some more flexible than others). Learn the policies of your colleges, and discuss this decision with your Bright Futures Counselor.
For those of you choosing not to submit an SAT or ACT score, we've compiled these tips to help your application stand-out in the holistic review process. 

Weighing the decision to apply “Early Decision” or “Early Action” is one of our favorite resources. We know there are a lot of "moving parts" in this process, especially this year. Your application strategy and timeline is tailored to you, so it's vital that you stay connected with your Bright Futures Counselor and follow through on your tasks.

Remember the PSAT? Well, the PSAT National Merit Semifinalist Cutoffs were leaked early this year (official press release on 9/9). Here is the early data rolling in. Check to see if your score qualifies you for this competition (which means some serious scholarship opportunities!)