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Send Your Kids Back Right

It's back-to-school time and we know that means less time for reading while, ironically, kids are called upon to read more! We're here to help. In this issue, we've listed new books for various age groups that are perfect for meeting those nightly goals. Don't see anything just right for your little reader?
Come by the store today and ask our
knowledgeable staff what they recommend for the age group you're looking for. Have you already identified a subject or area for improvement this year in your child's class? Stop by our teacher education section and ask to speak to one of our teacher specialists for what they recommend to help! Don't worry, parents - you have your kids' backs and The Bookies will have yours! 

Fresh Ink
It's finally here! #7 in the juggernaut series by the creator of Captain Underpants. Do you have a reader who finds it hard to hit their 20-minute mark each night? Give them the latest adventure of Dog Man and we promise they'll reach it!  
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Last Olympian: The Graphic Novel  
While the chapter books by Riordan are some of the best adventures ever created, the graphic novel adaptations are equally moving and fun. Perfect for those that may have a harder time settling into the larger universe and also for those readers who want to enjoy a visual approximation of their favorite characters. 
Featuring French bulldogs, this is a story of friendship and warmth and general cuteness. What more can you ask for from a fun picture book that's perfect for dog lovers and folks who want to cuddle as we move closer to the colder months?                
Onjali Q Rauf     
The Syrian crisis is a tough talking point for anyone, especially kids. But this new spectacular chapter book is a great way to start that discussion. A young Syrian refugee arrives at a new school and soon a group of students determine they will be his friends and help get his family back. Touching, heartbreaking and, above all, important.    
These books are, perhaps, the greatest friend that bedtime ever had. Quick stories featuring beloved characters that kids want to hear. Perfect for the settling-down time at the end of the day. Start with the latest Princess volume here, or ask our staff about our other 5-Minute offerings, or bedtime stories of a more classical nature.  

Nathan Makaryk        
And finally, an offering recommended by none other than Bookie Larry Yoder himself:   
"We needed an updated Robin Hood. This book captures all we want to remember but brings a realistic and strong look at the characters within the story, with characterization that goes deeper and is more likelife than I can recall from other retellings. This Robin Hood is much more realistic about the politics of the time that it was like a new story greatly expanding a fragment of a myth." 

The Game Board

HEIST, Ages 7 & Up.

Look, we shouldn't even be telling you about this. But we're onto this huge score. $50 million big ones. We just need you and you'll need a team, no more than four people. You'll need a hacker, an explosives expert, a lookout and someone who knows all about the money. The catch? You have five minutes to do it. We really can't be talking like this, so just click here or go watch this video and you'll see what we're talking about. I was never here.


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